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  1. what i do is i just rub extra bp onto the spot...the key is rubbing bp into your skin..i take my time to make sure it's all rubbed in and not just layered on...a deep rub for the red swollen ones..morning and night tends to prevent mine from becoming whiteheads
  2. jade, so ur not moisturizing after the washes any longer? just herbal logix? or is it okay to moisturize then herbal maybe 10-15 mins later?
  3. i was pretty flaky too during my beginning weeks on the regimen...i started with the neutrogena moisturizer and now use the eucerin moisturizer...but the flakiness will go away
  4. didn't work for me...tried it for 3 mos straight...and also burned like crazy..my face felt raw and swollen from the burning sensations...my face was constanty red after each washing
  5. hey jade, when u use the apple cider vinegar, is it after u moisturize? and do u just splash it on or actually dip a finger/cottonball and rub it on like astrigent? if it's not a pain, could u post ur routine with the apv? thx
  6. if ur schedule allows, why not excercise before ur morning or nite wash? that would eliminate the wash during the day....just a thought
  7. see, girls aren't all superficial are they?
  8. sparty, what's the website for becca? i tried www.becca.com but that directed me somewhere else
  9. please don't try to pick...as ur skin is much more sensitive while on accutane, it could take longer to heal....just occupy ur hands when u feel the need to pick...what i do is, i avoid mirrors because once i see myself, i start examining every inch and all havoc is wreaked upon my face....but keep ur chin up, it'll be like a dream...u won't even remembe how ur face looked before accutane...
  10. my scars are concentrated on my cheeks, so that's where i use concealer...on my lil pimples turned scars on my forehead i don't use concealer there and i've noticed that they fade away much faster...but i don't know if i could go 1-2 weeks w/o concealer on my cheeks so i can't really test out this theory.....if i had a vacation, i'd definitely not use any...but since i don't, i can' hopefully soon tho....
  11. i also use a concealer for spots...i don't use my fingers but a lip brush...now i wanna know, what do u guys use to clean the lip brush? should i just use dial soap and water or is there actually something out there that i can clean the brush with?