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  1. Now into my fifth month...who knew the time would go this fast. By the lack of messages on here, I think this indicates that most who started this group must have had good results from the accutane. I can say that all the posts helped me before I started. I feel very happy with my results. The breakouts the first month were bad and my lips are still very dry especially at night. But I am very happy so far and hope that I have lasting results. I iwish I had done this years ago. Good luck to
  2. Mert, my ankles were killing me about one month on the accutane and it took me a little while to realize it was not my shoes but joint aches caused most likely due to the accutane. I am now 10 weeks in and pain has stopped. You are off the med though so maybe I will hurt again. Boggiebanz...As far as the IB, I did break out pretty good the first 6 weeks (it was not fun)....I got a bad cyst about a month into it but have been quite clear the past 3 weeks. From my readings on here, breakouts s
  3. I can not believe that I will be starting my third month of acctutane on Monday. Hopefully will go up in dose as I have remained at 40 mg thus far. My insomnia is much better and my skin looks great! I am very pleased and things finally cleared up about 6 weeks in. Am nervous that I will break out with an increase in strength but, if my skin continues to respond and stay clear, then I will be so thankful that I took this medication. Avicia----thanks for all your updates. And thank you for
  4. Almost 6 weeks in and side effects not too bad. Chapped lips, dry hands and scalp, and some joint aches. Insomnia was bad but with changing the time I take the accutane I am doing much better with that. Am concerned as a cyst that started two weeks ago and almost healed keeps coming up just a little bit....no major pain or big bump but this concerns me. I also am afraid of continuing breakouts. I should relax a little as otherwise my skin is looking improved. Side effects will probably increa
  5. I have PCOS, had been on birth control for 10+ years with antibiotics for acne. This worked wonderfully but eventually the breakouts including a monthly cyst came back. I am on my second month of accutane after not wanting to do this for years. so far so good...no hair loss noted and no significant side affects other than dryness and some insomnia. i really don't know which way to go but I will say that i used tazorac in the past and i felt he helped none at all.
  6. Thanks so much Avicia for your update. It is great to hear how happy you are and I recall from your earlier posts that your acne was quite bothersome to you and severe at times so this is even more meaningful. It is also very helpful to me (and others I am sure), that are in the earlier months of being on the accutane, to know that your skin is much improved and breakouts have pretty much stopped is GREAT!! I really look forward to this and hope I see a similar result. I also want to tell the
  7. Thanks Upnorth for your sound and very helpful thoughts/advice. You sometimes feel alone dealing with this and hate looking not so great when you are going through your day. My breakout is much improved; I continued to experience some mild breakouts this week but at least my chin does not look like hell. Got my labs done and should be able to get my second month of meds middle of next week. Have been experiencing dry scalp (this is usual for me) so will ask dr about any suggestions...am usi
  8. Good to read everyone's updates. Am enjoying the days off of work but not so much enjoying the current breakout on my face. My chin is in bad shape. You try to not obsess but it is hard not to. I just get nervous that this is what my face will be like over the next months. I know that 5-6 months of hell are worth it if it is gone forever but what happens if it stays? Just being negative I know. I do appreciate how others hear that the their acne is not that bad and one does not need to tak
  9. Two weeks in and doing okay. Lips are definitely dryer and my face is starting to get irritated as well and breaking out some. Lots of little bumps around my chin but not sure if they are pimples or not. I try to focus on the hope that a little bit of hell is worth a great pay off. Miss pooh, very nice to read your email and that you are seeing good results. I also think that you started this entire email stream so thank you as the info has been very reassuring before I started on this medi
  10. About to end my first week on the accutane and I am relieved so far. No increased dryness really noticed thus far (I already use chapstick type products anyways as well as hand lotion throughout the day). My nose (inside has been a little dry and am concerned that nosebleeds may start which is not something I am used to). My forehead has broken out a lot as well as some minor breakouts on my face (have bangs so major breakout on my forehead I can handle!!). Indygal, I am on 40 right now as
  11. Hello all, Well I have started the accutane. Saw the dermatologist yesterday morning and was able to log in to ipledge and then to pharmacy. Feel fine so far. Am curious as when the skin/lips start drying out on average. I worry about this as I am one to already use chap stick and hand lotion throughout the day as it is. BUT, i have diligently read this email stream and have bought numerous products including the beloved chopsaver. Do wonder if anyone has used a humidifier at night to help
  12. Thanks indygirl and ryan. Indygirl, I never knew I would stil be dealing with acne at age 37 much less that it may get worse with age instead of better. are you glad you have gone the accutane route and have your breakouts been worse/better/same since starting on the med? I am concerned as I am still on an antibiotic and will need to stop when I start on the accutane and an afraid of a serious breakout initially. Ryan, it is hard waiting isnt it, especially once you make the decision to go
  13. I have been reading this message board over past days and it has been greatly helpful. I am in my 30 days waiting period and will hopefully be starting on accutane in about two weeks. Have had initial labs done as well as first pregnancy test. I have had acne since teenage years but have experienced moderate acne during adult hood. Started having cysts about ten years ago and started on how doses of tetracycline which was like a miracle drug. Did not have a single breakout in two years. Thi
  14. I was started on doryx about three weeks ago and my face is really breaking out. I am frustrated as I was put on tetracycline initially about seven years ago and had wonderful results (super clear skin) for almost 5 years. The I started to have cystic acne again. I was then put on minocycline....did not have as great results but did okay until I started getting more breakouts and cysts a few months ago. I am now on doryx and my skin has multiple pimples. I see by some of the posts that the
  15. I would try to stay on it; when I tried to reduce the dose, my acne flared. As long as I stayed on it, I had clear skin for over five years until I became resistant to the drug. Good luck.