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  1. manji... do you mean that you use .. Clean and clear blackhead scrub ... and after that you use bp gel... both morning and night ???? with or without moisturizer ??? can you explain clearly what you do .. so I can try it ??/
  2. HIHI .. I am a girl in high shcool ... I am 16 ... well .. hey man .. don't fell like that .. you do not deserve it .. why you have to feel like that .... I don't have ance before .. but when I turn to 16 ... I started to get pimples .... and well nothing work for me .... my friends told me that isn't that bad.... but well for me .. that is a lottttttttttttt.... I don't know ... but sometimes I think the same as you .... but later .. I will started to think shit.. If they don't like me .. then
  3. well .. hihi .. I am in the united state .. and i have been breaking out since when i was 15 and now i am 16 ,,, it is suck to have that freaking thingy. I odn't know what to use too... there is one kind of ance pill .. it called Loma Lux Acne Pill ... you can buy it without prescripito .. I DIDN'T BUY IT YET ?? well .. anyone try that product before.... ????? did it get you an initial breakout ????
  4. hello .. every one .. I am just have My magazine this month .. and there is a kind of ancepill ... it is by loma Lux ... well there said is safety, clear from the inside out .. nature effective for teenage adult male or female ... whatever.. do anyone try that before ????? you can buy it without prescription ... you can buy it from your local store ?!!.. I want to buy it .. but just want to know that if you take it .. will it make you have an initial breakout first???? thank you more answer a
  5. ohh ... that really disappointed.. cuase that shit cause a lot .. and if that made me breakout first .. I will be very very sad .. and probably cry ... well .. I won't try it now though.. let me find something that are good for my mild one .. thank you anyway .. oh yeah ... do do know one kind of ancepill is by lomalux ???? well .. I wanna ask you if the ancepill will made you breakout first ???
  6. hii .... is that zennmed cleanser work for mild ance .... cuase I my knowledge ... proacitve work for severe ance .. I use it .. and I think that made me breakout more .. and now ... I can't control it anymore .. any yeahh ... how can I order it... cuase I don't have check or visa .. I want to order in in money order ?!!! do you kkonw their phone line number ??? thank you
  7. well ... first at all.. I started the regime and 5 days I stoped it ... cause my face was red and little burning .... and right now I let it rest for 3 days.. ( and oh... after I stopped the regime ... my face was very dry and have those dry patches on my cheek side .. it ver discomfort to talk to .. alll tight ... right now I wanna start the regime in the bottom line ... but the dry flakys still on my skin .... It is time to restart or should I wait.... right now I have like 2 little 0 sid
  8. defferin cream ???? are you getting it with prescribtion or what.. i am in the us .. and i don't have insurance .. so /// also .. do you have bad ance or just a little .. cause I used proactiv before and I think that cuase my breakout .. I don't a lot of pimples on my face before using the proact.... so is that cream for mild to moderate ance people ??
  9. well ... thank you guys ... something I gotta tell you ..I ask my mom about that ( well she is not with me right now .. but on the phone ) .. anyway .. she told me that it is normal .. cuase one time she went to the dermatology ... and the doc gave her somekind of stuff .. and if burn and red her skin .... after that ... she had to stop using it .. and then the skin peel off .. and there is when she has to continues with the medicien .. she told me is that the only way you can get rid of the p
  10. I was in Dan's Regime for 5 days... and I was getting itching, reddnes and little burining of skin ... and I just stopped it ... so very sorry cause I thought that it can made my skin clear again ... anyway right now ,, I stoppend for 2 days ,, and I still have the burning patches ... like those ( when you get burn and then with a dead skin on the top ) I don't know how to explain ... well ,, It just happend on my cheek ... I am sure is because the bp gel.. !/?/ anyway ... Is it mean I am s
  11. thank you vanessa .. well .. I reduce the amount of bp gel already .. and putting more moisturizer .. ... well... i skin is dry .. but still getting new ones ... I am in the 1 week of the regime .. is that normal .. or it doesn't work for me ?? thank you vanesee
  12. thank you a lot vanessa .. well ... I think I need to exfoliotate too... cuase I like to have clean skin ... well .. what do you think I use a peel off masque ... ????? well I it the one by Stives ... it called the peel off hydraxy masque ..and said masque with aphya $ Beta Hydroxy ... . it's for remove imputities and gently exfoliate with an Alpha & Beta dyroxy comples to leave skin soft smooth and rejuvenated !!!!,,\ is that good to use it ... ?????? and if so .. how many day a week sho
  13. hello dear .. I don't know how old are you and how is your ance ??? well .. I am 16 yrs old and experenice just mild ance for 1 yrs or so .. but I don't reallly want that .. \ I will keep going with the regime !!! that really help you clear up !/////???? cuase I think me and you have the same problem.... I have pimples in my cheek ... and it feel dry .. !! do you use moisturizer too ???? well what to you do .. ?? oh .. and .. after like 1 week .. do you still getting news one ??? than
  14. hey ... I am in my 5 days of my regime too.... and also i expereince the same as you ... and don't knwo what to do ... well ... I will reduce my amount of bp gel than ... okis .. now what happend to you skin ????????????????????????????????????????? did it get well... ????? what did you do ... can you help me too... are you still in Dan/s regime ????? answer my questions please ... I also need help ... what can I do ??
  15. hello ... I have been in the regime for a week or so .... right now my skin is dry , red and kinna of burning on the cheeks side !!!! I use moisturizer... and good cleanser I think .. ... what should I do ....??? I ask my dad about it ... he told me to stop using it if I want ... but I told him that it is like that cuase I saw the regime expectation !!! ... but I don't know .. I am so confuse ... what can I do ... should I discontinued the regime ????? well.... I have to go back to scho