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  1. don't worry and be patient; since it works on your cycles, you have to wait several months to get results. Though it's no miracle cure...when you stop it, it's worse For me it was, and I had to go back on it. I feel trapped, sorry, that was not your question! In French we say "tout vient à point à qui sait attendre", that is if you can wait, you'll see! cheers
  2. Hi I've been on diane 35 for almost a year now, and I do have great results. But you really have to wait, and though it's better, my acne hasn't yet cleared completely. If I eat badly, my skin gets oily and I get pimples, even those cysts I hate so much. So it helps, but you have to wait three months at least and follow a healthy lifestyle according to me.
  3. yeah i know the thing I don't really get is glycemic load reading these posts it seems like he can calculate everything; i wish i could do that!
  4. it does seem interesting though i don't really get how you calculate GI and GL; I didn't understand all those numbers...
  5. Hi smellycat, I feel ur pain, literally. I have the same type of acne, same place but my forehead is clearer. Three years ago, my acne cleared after six months of Diane 35, an androgen blocker bc. It worked real well...but the bad news is that went I stopped, the acne came back full force, or worse maybe, and painful. So much that after one year of struggle, I'm back on it now. But I really want to find something natural, and recently I've noticed that dairy and gluten are big triggers for me (
  6. Thank u energizer. btw did you try your amazing method on yourself? haw severe was your acne?
  7. Hey guys I wanted to update. My liver problems are...gone. Miraculously gone. I have been on diane 35 (anti androgenic birth control pill) for a month now, and my skin is clearing. In a month, I only got three new cysts, which is nothing compared to the daily cysts I got before. Yeah it's a kind of good news but at the same time I can't be on brith control forever. It means my acne is hormonal, right? Now, can you balance ur hormones naturally??? With diet, sleep etc I just want to go on with t
  8. This is scary... I guess this is what I'm going through. I can't control my cravings, I am putting on weight, I don't know what to do, I'm really desperate. Every day I'm saying to myself : this is the last time u r ever gonna do that. It's been months now.
  9. Yeah I really cannot stress how important calories and balancing protein carbs and fats are. Your overeating is causing insulin resistance which is causing acne. Can you see a cognitive behavior specialist about the binge eating? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binge_eating_disorder My acne was not severe but it was bad enough to cause me distress and people did notice it. It was cystic at its worst and my whole chin was painful to move sometimes. Behind the ears I would get bad boils as well.
  10. "High intake of low GI carbohydrate contributes to dyslipidaemia and weight gain and also stimulates hunger and carbohydrate craving." Rubbish, it's from one of ur articles, and it did give me a blow. Gosh since I am on this low GI diet I am always hungry and have put on quite a considerable amount of weight in three months because of huge carbs cravings and of course my skin has been geting worse except that now i'm back on birth control... I'm still struggling with non purging boulimia crises
  11. Yeah I know I would need it due to the severity of my problems (I am scarred), however I do repeat I cannot take it because of my liver problems, so accutane is definitely not an alternative for me, I just cannot even think about it.