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  1. So since AHA+ is an exfoliant, is it okay to use it say 4 times a week on my red marks on my chest? Or should I bump up or down the usage of it?
  2. SO I bought some Bio-Oil for the red and purple marks still left on my chest...MY question is when do I apply it, how much do I use, and does it stain clothes? Thanks
  3. Alright, if I recall correctly the HnS regimen had you apply the shampoo to your body acne (my chest, lopcated right between my pectorials) and then leave it on for a period of time and then wash it off. Im going to try this but with the Oxy exfoliating body scrub, 1% SA. Thoughts? I will post my updates.
  4. ^^^ My face is about 99% percent clear, the SA would be for my body (chest) acne.
  5. So i finished my Accutane about 4 days ago, 80mg a day for 5 months. Face is prefect, minor scarring, but nothing major, my face has never looked better! My chest on the other hand....It has gotten better no more cysts or pustules, but I still get red bumps. Its mainly right between my pectorials. So since i have been off Tane for 4 days, I was wondering if I can use a salicylic acid product now? It's Oxy Exfoliating Body Scrub with 1% SA. Soooo, is it safe to use this product or should I wait l
  6. Yeah brah, http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=125344971

    Read through the whole thread at your leisure.

    I basically stopped taking whey though, or any supplement for that matter. Just the caffeine pills, because there's only so much coffee I can drink

  7. really? thanks for the info brah, im nickel'ing and diming everything now and I went soft when i bought some EAS

  8. Dude, good thing you just mentioned it. Recently, they changed suppliers. DO NOT buy from them anymore. They are acting very unprofessionaly, and the product is crap. There are loads of threads on BB.com about it, including one on the Misc with quotes from company reps, and even the owner

  9. that damn MGN isolate is a hot product on bb.com i remeber when i first started working out and you told me about it, there were none on backorder, but now haha fat chance

  10. im guessing your a 3500+ calories a day kind of guy lol

  11. Hey people, Im in my final month of accutance, 5 months, 80mg a day. Accutane litteraly cleared my face in 2 weeks, but my chest...haha. So i workout, and i do take supplements (Whey, creatine, and an Intraworkout) I orginally thought when i performed a chest excerise like a bench press or a fly, my pecs would squeeze the zits that i had in between them, so i had a bunch of scabs, went to the derm and she told me to pick the scabs, to my surprise since then my chest improved alot, this was at ab
  12. i want to make org love with you haha

  13. Awesome to see brah. It really is an awesome program by mixing bodybuilding and powerlifting methods, so you hit the different muscle fibers. You'll gain mass and get strong as phuck

  14. lol im starting on the GST tommorow, sounds like a solid plan

  15. yea it was lol, i was just wondering because im finally gaining weight (starting at 140lbs, now up to 171lbs) cool thanks again brah