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  1. Did u order your TCA from PeelsonDemand dermadude ?
  2. i email'd her a week back asking how long shipping takes ( i live in southern cali ) and she said 2 - 5 days . im planning on ordering the 100% TCA also with a Money Order.
  3. whats wrong with peelsondemand.com ?
  4. Life is Cold. i cud relate to u Tin. i have a GANK of pits so close they create a complete circle on my right cheek. im on dat HA Pill and serum Regime. as for as Suicide goes , it has cRoss my mind but before i do ANythin drastic i get STONED and forget about everything . High skool is suppose to fun . wherre u meet chicks and be social. but I Never was a social kid and acne Scars just made it worst. Senior year starts in 5 weeks and im trying to Getta Tattoo Gun so i cud WOrk on my pits ! C
  5. Hey. My skin is oily and i break out ocassionally. I have friends dat do tattoo and im dinking of getting my whole face tatted w/ no ink of course . just to break da scars . and ima guna apply vitamin C Cream after wards. good Idea. ?? ps. i have Ice piCks . im not sure if Da HA Combo is guna help but i'll use it after da needling session to stimulate collegon growth. i only have 6 weeks til senior year starts. appreciate any HeLp.
  6. umm My Local GNC retalier did not have the COmbo pack so i dink its better to ORder it Online and its cheaapeR. i called up the Toll Free number ( Main Head quarterz ) and the lady i talked to said she used it For her aCne scars and she said This product is affective on ice pick scars or indents. The Serum and HA in da pill proabbaly stimulates collegeon growth.
  7. anyOne still using tha derma beauty HA COMBO paCk. i just placed my ordered ONLine. ANy Results .
  8. im try this man. Going TO GNC next week . better B worth da 54 buCKs .
  9. Hey. ima 17 year old asian dude. i stopped breaking out and is left with deep ice pick scars. i live in Long Beach, Ca. i went to a Local Laser spot but it cost 90 bucks just II talk to da dude. But its free if u want a consultation for laser. iono if i need laser oR not. 1 ) im dinking of TCA CROSS - i needa legit Site where i cud ORder w/ Cash. 2 ) if ANybody here Lives in Long beacH - Suggest a Local CLiniC or Spa. Acne scars sucks and i cud relate.