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  1. OK so I'm gonna post pics with better angles, clearly the ones I posted were tame and I'm sorry for that. Give me a week or so, I'm actually working full time again so I'll do my best when I get the chance. And maybe I will look into permanent fillers...maybe. Just tday I noticed how bad my scars are as I got out of my car and looked at my reflection on the tinted windows. It was around sunset and it was bad. So when I post pics the next time around you will see what I'm talking about.
  2. @kristyan, ok a deal's a deal. I'll post by end of the week when I have a good time of day to get it at its worst. @il90 I know I wish I can, but one would have to get a REALLY good lawyer to have any traction against these fraudsters. There were so many times I wish I could sue to get at least half my money back, but by then all the legal fees wouldn't have made a difference except towards a moral victory. I really wish some people could 'walk a mile in our shoes' just to know what
  3. Kristyan how bout, I'll do it if you do it. I'll try my best to get the worst angle. Kinda funny cuz usually people try to get their best angle for a pic haha.
  4. Hey,

    My scars are moderate with a few deep ones, but it covers my face so overall it is, idk...it sucks. Don't really care to post pics though. Sorry.

  5. Dudley, just curious what you hope/expect with plastic surgery regarding your scars(?). Well sht, hopefully it all goes well and we look forward to seeing those pics in the future. PS: Living in Los Angeles, I've seen my fair share of lizard-lipped women and older gents with almost alien-like faces due to plastic surgery (Kenny Rogers comes to mind). Be careful and I truly wish you the best with the procedure.
  6. @Dudley, I truly believe the majority of us here do our homework through multiple sites, instead of solely relying on this one...since many threads link to another source anyway. I always had multiple tabs open when doing my homework, and I noticed many were related via shared links. TBH for all the years you've been here and touting the effectiveness of Repair, I'm surprised you never posted any pics. If my treatments were a success I'd post and support the treatments I've had, but that's just
  7. @FriskyCreek well my scars aren't quite AS severe as Ernestoria's, but yeah my face is oddly red with pale yellowish tint. I'm half Jap/White, so my skin is white with a yellowish tint. I don't post pics bc I really don't feel like I should or care to...or want to put the energy into. Trust me I have issues unlike those who have a few scars on certain areas of their faces, or those with slight scarring. I guess I look like CollegeBoy84 with more severity BUT with even a better body than his lol.
  8. Thanks for all your feedback, I really wasn't expecting it...don't know why. @il90 Thanks for taking the time with your words, I appreciate it. Yes I do all the things you do @Ommmmmm haha yes trust me I've done it all. Thanks tho. @Robertitoo believe it or not I did try the suction method, but after a few weeks it really didn't do much for me. Glad it worked for you and others tho. @blahblah.. I wish you all the best since I'm done trying. @FriskyCreek have you seen the posts made from Ernesto
  9. PLEASE NOTE: I am only giving my personal experience here, and for me NOTHING has worked. Hi everyone, Jan 2013: Mixto May 2013: Mixto, Ulthera October 2013: Mixto, Subcision, prp, Iridex Diolite March 2014: Mixto, Subcision, prp, Iridex Diolite November 2014: Mixto, prp, Pelleve March 2015: Venus Viva, prp, subcision June 2015: Venus Viva All these procedures, plus creams, at-home peels, etc. have cost me over 10 grand. I've become numb most times over how unreal my life
  10. Hey guys, Thought I'd update since I am in a giving mood today I had my third Mixto on 1 Oct and my fourth (possibly last) Mixto on 26 November, exactly 8 weeks apart. Between the third and fourth I've also had Iridex Diolite done for redness which helped. Anyway, today I'm just over 3 weeks out from the last Mixto, and everything looks good. I expect in another month that I will see the final verdict on my healing, since that's how long it usually takes for me to see the final resu
  11. Honestly, if I had to guess I'd say it's about 60% improvement...way better than what it was from my first Mixto. In the past I've done dermarolls, YAG laser, various peels, creams, etc. etc...but NOTHING compares to getting treated via ablative lasers a few times. I'm so glad I did this but I need to deal with my other issues regarding discolorations/uneven skin tone...so that's where I'm at now. I only had Mixto done, no subcisions or anything else...but like I said I am going to wait a few m
  12. I'm over six weeks post-op from my 2nd Mixto, and plan on going in for Ultherapy with Jessner Peel at the eight-week mark. After being depressed from my scars for so long my face etched itself a permanent sad look. So my goal is to perk it up with Ulthera and get rid of old discolorations with Jessner. Mixto (via Dr. R) did a superb job in lessening the acne scars, so I plan on getting a couple more in the next 6-8 months to fully get the results I want. But so much for saving and spending m
  13. At this point I'd say it is within a 35-45% improvement. I just did the laser and nothing else, but if he were to have done subcision along with Mixto, it would have been an all-nighter considering the amount of coverage he would have had to cover.
  14. My first Mixto was on Jan 23 with Dr. Rahimi. It took about two weeks to fully recover, but everything went well. He said the laser was pretty aggressive on my face and neck, but I couldn't tell due to all the numbing cream. pain killers (pill), and arm injection. After about a month and half, I knew how my scars would look in another month, so I decided to get another round done exactly 8 weeks later from my first session. So on 20 March I went in for my second round with Mixto, this time h
  15. Just had Mixto here. The procedure went flawlessly. Next time I will do it without the pill and arm injection, and just stick to the numbing cream and injections on the face for the procedure. She told me I had to wait a few before I could drive myself home (I couldn't get anyone to drive me in the middle of the week). But I guess I am very tolerant because I barely felt the downtime of drowsiness. I honestly felt fine to drive home right afterward...but anyway we'll see how it goes from here wi