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  1. That's great man. Are you on a diet as well? NOpe, no diet. Just eating healthy like I always do. I try to eat fast food only if I absolutely have to. I also take a probiotic every night, and workout/exercise every day.
  2. although this might work, this is a completely shitty way of getting clear. I tried it for about 3 weeks and by the 3rd week my mind was restless. I was stressed out like crazy, started panicking at everything, couldn't even hold conversations right...than i gave in. And now all is well lol.
  3. Hey yall, you probably don't remember me. You can see some of my posts on the first few pages of this thread. Anyways, i started taking non-flush niacin about a month and a half ago. I am still clear, and I havn't washed my face at all for about 2 months. My facial redness has decreased dramatically, my skin texture is back to almost how it used to be, and I can litterally feel that my skin is tougher now. Just figured i would update you guys, this might be the last time because i really don't n
  4. I am using non flush niacin. Nature valley brand from walmart. Not that hard to figure out...
  5. I have finally found one negative side effect to niacin. My lips and mouth are always dry. Its like if i was on accutane or something. Its not really that bad, but it sucks to have to always carry water with me. If I don't have water, my mouth gets so dry that I start to Lisp all over the place and I sound weird. Also my lips are beginning to crack. Don't get me wrong, my acne is 100X better, but its just a little inconvenient.
  6. time to update yall. Ive been taking niacin NON FLUSH nature valley brand for 3 weeks. I am still acne free. I thank god that I came across this. I havnt washed my face with any soap for the past 2 weeks. Just once with water every 2 days or so. NIACIN GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK!
  7. Are you taking flush or non-flush? Non-flush, good luck.
  8. My acne is still gone, i had a tiny breakout 3 days ago(2 small whiteheads) after eating an entire cheese pizza. They went away the next day and i have been clear since. Also, the redness on my face is alot better. Even when i exercise, its not that bad. Not sure how much longer i will update because everything is going so well. I really thank god, for allowing me to come across this. I hope and pray that this lasts.
  9. whos the fall of troy??....lol jk. they have been my favorite band for 2 years.

  10. Yeah keep popping back and updating us. How much did you start off with, and how long did it take to notice any changes? I started off with 500 mg/ day like the OP in the Adult acne thread....i noticed a change around 3 days in.
  11. i took my first niacin pill of 500 mg no-flush about 2 weeks ago. All my acne has cleared up since then. My skin has not been this clear in 4 years. The redness and inflamation has decreased about 70% and i finally look like a normal human being. I hope to God that this will last. It has been the best thing i have ever tried since accutane....thanks so much to the OP of this thread and the OP of the other thread in the adult acne forum. I will continue to update as time goes along.
  12. Your username. Are you a fan of The Fall of Troy? O:

    They have a song called that. So just wondering. ha.

  13. Well im not a girl, so this book is not for me...I hope the Niacin is not depleting my test levels, if so I am going to stop immediately. I would rather have acne than be an estrogen filled panzy...screw that.
  14. Great stuff But were you taking the flush or no-flush type again? I'd be interested to hear an update from people who've been on it over a month or two tho. I am taking nature valley 500 mg NO-flush niacin. I too would like to see if these results will last, hopefully my body does not build a tolerance.