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  1. DARLING!! CONGRATS! I am sorry I haven't been here in a while and when I come on it's only for a few min. because my laptop at home isn’t working. Anyway, your skin looks amazing!
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. Right now I am on Lutera, which I think is a generic for OrthoCyclin (not tri- there's only one level of hormones on this one)...not sure, but I want to go off the pill all together. I have felt that it has worked fine with me. I used to use Ortho tri cyclin and then I went off, got all screwed up and had to go on the pill again. Here's a link for Lutera: undefined Have you or has anyone used other forms of birth control while on Accutane? When I went off the pill
  3. anabel5


    I'm supposed to start in two weeks so I'll also be taking it in the winter. I agree about the sun exposure. At least I will be done by next summer and hopefully will have clearer skin!!! Pet: why are you on a second dose of it? Do many people have to repeat it for results?
  4. I'm so sorry things have been rough lately. I am scared myself.... I see the derm in two weeks and I am just suuuuper nervous as to how my body is going to take this. I've been on doxycycline for the last 2 weeks but it doesn't seem to be helping much. My hormones have been off because I missed 2 "active" pills in my first week of BC this month (and I had a 2 week period! RIght after my normal one). Did you take BC pill while on Accutane? If so, are you planning to go off both or still to birth
  5. Hey Anabel so whats the word did you ever get accutane? Hope you are well

  6. hello there! I just got my DKR yesterday along with the AHA from Dan's line of products and was wondering two things: 1) Do I use the BP 10% before or after the moisturizer/AHA? 2) Can I use the moisturizer and AHA at the same time or do I use one or the other? And if they CAN be used together, which one would I apply first. I used both last night, I can't remember if I put the BP before or after but so far no terrible skin reactions. Thanks! Peace.
  7. Glad to hear things have improved!! I went to the doc and they said I can take it I just need to take blood tests and a pregnancy test. Hope it keeps going well chika!
  8. awwe... yea, like destinyrose said... at least they aren't huge red suckers! I have so many! OMG.... I went to see my doc and they said I don't need to see a derm to go on Accutane. I just have to do the lab tests...but my bf still keeps making me paranoid about it and so did the nurse today.... for every person that reccomends it, there are a few who say HELL NAW!
  9. HEY! Thanks for the quick response! Yea... I think I'll use the strips a few times a week I guess... but microfiber cloths? never heard of those. Where do you get that? Is it supposed to be for your face? I'm willing to try it!
  10. my skin care specialist never spends enough time around my nose so I even if after my facial my nose looks better, a day or two later I still have a ton of blackheads and those other little effers around my nose... I saw a commercial for that scrubbing device from clean & clear I think.. does it work? I always pick at them and try to get them out but there are so many..AGGGH what to do? the nose strips dont seem to work all that great anymore either.
  11. Maybe SA doesn't work for your skin? It didn't work for mine. Have you tried BP? I saw your other post about going on vaca with the pals... just do your routine in the bathroom before you get out? You can also try tinted moisturizer or sunscreen that way you hide it quicker? Good luck.
  12. Well when I started using it I had actually ran out of the liquid that I had used for my face. So, I started using the bar for my face when I started my accutane and as long as your using your hands softly against your face like you would the liquid it seems to work about the same. Although my face was rather oily in the t-zone prior to the bar and my face responded well to the bar soap and I've been less oily since I started using it So if your face gets uncomfortably oily at times like mine
  13. THank you for YOUR point of view...it helps seeing diff ppl's stories. I meet with my doc Friday, I doubt my doc WON'T refer me to a derm cuz I have been breaking out LIKE CRAZY lately... uggh.. I'm sure I'll be like this or worse during the IB. I just hope it works for me. My bf scared me when we first talked about it because he told me how is ex had to go on it THREE times. I definitely DO NOT want to go on it three times... nooooooooppe. I feel you on not having time to even nap. I work from
  14. RIGHT ON! I wish I would have read this yesterday.. grrr.. I think I will buy a few of the cetaphil bars though. THey're buy one get one 50% off right now (at least if it hasn't changed since yesterday) I did get the Aveeno moisturizing cream with the green cap. It was a whopping $12 for 16 oz. but WOW, it left my legs feeling so soft and silky! I bought this one body wash called from the chin down, something funny like that, it's supposed to have a balanced ph and so far my legs haven't felt it
  15. oh wow... that sounds SHITTY! Have you talked to your doc about what supplements can help with the pain and sluggishness??? Do you still drink this far into accutane? DOes pot help or make it worse. Hope you feel better & skin starts to clear!