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  1. I was wondering if anyone tried diluting 10% BP from drugstores with some basic lotion to get the concentration of BP they like? There are so many more 10% BP in normal drug stores and they are pretty much same price as the 2.5% ones (there is only one that I know of - Neutrogena... their product is always more expensive than other similar brands). If I mix 3 part lotion into the 10% gel wouldn't that make it 2.5%? Or does BP magically decompose and react with other random stuff? And leave some
  2. For face? You shouldn't use sprays for faces since there is .. well all kind of stuff in there that is not too great for delicated face skin nor your eyes... I did a bit of research on drugstore.com and bought the Eucerin everyday protection moisturizer with 30 spf. It might be a tiny bite white and shiny when you put it on but just work it into your skin (i used 2 pumps for my face, the pumps aren't big). It has good reviews on drugstore.com and makeupalley.com I used it for 2 month now, and I
  3. Hi! I am new here. I had this burning question that I just really want to hear different people's experience. Well, the 8oz bottle for treatment seems like a LOT to me. It takes me over 6 month to use up a 2oz bottle from Proactiv (I only use BP at night). I guess I am pretty conservative with the proactiv stuff since it is so expensive, or maybe my face is just small. I know the regiment says two full pumps, but how many people actually use that 2 full pumps? and how long does it take you to