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  1. no, but as i said in another post, use ACV mized iwth water in a spray bottle, spray yourself every 10 minutes for an hour. it gets really red at first then it dires and looks terrific. worked for me. good luck!
  2. yes. im a teen and i dont ever wear tank tops anymore because im so embarassed
  3. its looking pretty good. if i get a breakout on my body, i just mix ACV (appl cider vengar) with some water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray myself every 10 minutes for an hour. at first ur pimples get red but then they fade. it may sting, but keep at it
  4. dont worry, it is completey normal. it cleared up my nose, after the breakout. just keep at it
  5. it depends on your skin type. if you have sensitive skin then it is bad, if not, then you're fine
  6. if you dont care about what people think, then dont, they'll heal faster. or just dry them out with a spot treamtent like toothpaste
  7. i dont think that is a very good idea, it will ruin the consitency of the normal moisterizer. you should just buy the tea tree oil moisterizer from the body shop (thebodyshop.com)
  8. i would try it, but only use it on the head of the pimple. a spot treatement of course. yes it does work
  9. well for the exfoliator use the apricot scrub from st. ives, that is really nice. i would use the neutrogena 2-1 fight and fade ance gel. look on the neutrogena.com site use the wave, its really nice too
  10. yes i have used it, and it really dried out my skin
  11. I play a lot of sports and i get sweaty! This could be a major factor in my breakouts, and i was wondering what i could wipe my face with so i could clear it of dirt oil and sweat. I'm sure that a lot of you have this problem too, so if you do have some sort of pad you use that is gentle please let me know! thanks
  12. How can i talk to my parents about buying these products for my face? They are fed up with spending a bunch of money on acne products, they will think this one is just one other product that wont work. i showed my mom the website and everything, but she is not convinced. How can i convince her? School is starting soon, and i want to look nice.
  13. I am 14 and i wat to know if the regimen will be too harsh on my sensitive skin. i suppose i could try just using small amounts, i have mild/moderate ance. how long will it take to see results?
  14. I also forgot to mention if you have any ideas similar to this, please tell me. I suppose this um Solution could be used as a spot treatement as well. I have a moth of summer left, and i would like to have clear skin then. please advise!!!!
  15. i know how you feel!!! i just cant seem to get the right product!!! I cant vene remember when i didnt have acne, at least you didnt have it at prom, I will!!! im only 13, with a face full of ance, and im a girl, who people make fun of all the time. i hate my skin, because my dad and mom had terrible facial acne, backne, and chest acne. and i will get it too, and what worse? i go to a private school with onjyl 20 other kids in my class, and none of them have bad skin since they're all first class