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  1. Depends on where you are getting your protein from? From protein shakes probably. Its not natural protein so it overloads your kidneys, which flushes toxins out of your body. Plus protein shakes have so much crap inside of them, such as artificial sweetner, MSG, cheap hydrogenated oils. Our bodies are meant to take natural proteins. Dont get me wrong you will get big off protein shakes quick but its not the good way especially for some acne sufferers. But it depends on your body as well everyo
  2. Dairy, Greasy Chinese foods (usually from mall, or really cheap places)
  3. thanks i having been using that site for awhile actually.
  4. Yea thats the problem usually all the good stuff has a little amount of protein and thats what I need. The frozen chicken I get has 41g of protein per piece. You mix that with 15g from tuna, a protein shake and you're doing well with a 69g meal. What is your workout regimen? What brand of frozen chicken and where do you get it at? Workout Varies 4 Sets of Each Rep 10 or 15 Mon Bench - 180/5 190/4 200/3 210/2 225/1 then 230/1 on a good day. sometimes i switch and do lower weight
  5. To be honest I barely run like once every week. I only do it because in order to get a scholarship for R.O.T.C you have to be able to run 2mis in a certain amount of time. Yea thats the problem usually all the good stuff has a little amount of protein and thats what I need. I find that all those meats become expensive every week on a college budget. I like oatmeal but everytime I eat it for breakfast with eggs, Im starving two hours later. I didnt know beans and brown rice were so go
  6. I feel as if my old multivitamins only made my acne worse. Because once I stopped taking them my acne instantly became a lot better.
  7. Everyone gets depressed about acne. I mean I dont honestly know one person that wakes up saying " Thank God I have acne". We all have our daily struggles and acne happens to be the struggle of many people. So dont feel your alone. Congrats on Getting acne. Just know from what I hear you our on a road to clear skin and the boost in self confidence that follows it. God Bless.
  8. hahah. wow great topic. Personally it doesnt make a difference. Like someone said sex isnt like that crap on TV. where the lights go dim and your laying on the bed and the chick is just staring into the guys eyes. Its fun, crazy, and you can see the sweat glistening from off each others bodies, the heavy breathing, and the oh so many positions. Now honestly through all of that you think someone would say "hold on your acne is bothering me or even think it"? Hell no. If you are doing your job rig
  9. I have begun my training already. Well not the whole backpack thing. Just running (which i never do) and weightlifting. Overall Im just trying to build stamina and at the same gain size. Also you did bring up something I was just thinking to my self a week ago. When I go into the 2 months of training. I wont be allowed to bring any acne products or eat all the all the healthy stuff I eat now. I have a feeling my skin is going to breakout like crazy. Oh well I have a year before I actually go t
  10. I want to say thanks to everyone who offered some advice. When I become an officer in the army in two years ill make sure to give a shoutout to all my peeps at acne.org at my graduation lol. but for real thank you very helpful.
  11. Well hopefully by the end of the week. I will find the right protein. I need a lot of protein, but not a lot of garbage. I will consider all options. This is what I eat and I am acne free ( I have some red spot ) , finally I am getting cured - Chicken breast ( I eat like 4-5 breast a day ) that's like 110-120g protein depend on size. whey protein isolate Vanilla from jayrobb ( almost 3 scoops total for the day.) I get like 60-65g. Ezekiel bread ( they are complete protein with
  12. Yea man i feel you some days i just throw on a hoody. I live in Florida its always hot down here so a hoody makes me look ridiculous and im burning up. But at least people are looking at my hoody not my face. thats usually my mentality. im starting to outgrow this mentality though. thankfully.
  13. The problem is after 4 days you cant really determine whether you are being purged or if you are actually having a reaction from the AHA. In my experience the AHA was not so great for my skin at all and made it much worse. Thankfully Dan gave me my full refund which was awesome.
  14. Most definitely the hat could be aggravating your acne. The constant rubbing of your skin by your hat is just asking for it.