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  1. i change my pillow case almost every day, sleeping with my face up is almost impossible for me =|. Sometimes i run out of pillow cases and i use clean t shirts as my pillow case. maybe its the material of the "pillow case" that can have an effect?
  2. which leads me to believe that this is related to the side of my face has contact with the pillow when I sleep. How do I fix this problem?
  3. Yeah I'm definately going to be doing that! But what can make my present acne less red and inflamed looking?
  4. I hear a lot about vitamin e used topically, but how good is vitamin e for acne when its taken internally in supplement form?
  5. How long have you taken it, has it worked well?
  6. Which type of zinc helps the most with acne?
  7. Do oranges help with acne? They contain acid, and vitamin C, so are they good? Actually, they're clementines, my parents got like a ton of them today, so I'm just curious. Also, I'm definitely not allergic to them.
  8. I just got a bottle of 8000 IU vitamin A. How much a day do i need to take to see acne results?
  9. I have 50 mg zinc gluconate, have been using for 1 week. It seems to fade my acne scars a bit and help with acne. What tricks can i do to make it absorb better so i get the most out of the supplement? Like crushing it or something?
  10. Just once for the entire day? would once at night before going to sleep be good?
  11. I got zinc glutonate yesterday, they are 50mg pills, im just wondering, what is/are the best time of day to take zinc?
  12. For a few weeks I've been using lemon, and I was just wondering if it works better to heal acne/fade scars if I keep it on longer? Like overnight?