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  1. Has anyone here ever tried Dove Essentials Night Cream? I just got some but Im afraid to use it for fear it will break me out. Please post your opinions. Thanks
  2. Thanks everybody! Ill take your suggestions.
  3. Thanks guys! What about meat and burgers. I eat hamburgers without buns and stuff. I just eat it plain with garlic salt on it with a fork. Would that put some weight on? And also pasta doesnt break me out and I usually eat alot of it. Will that make me gain weight also?
  4. What are some breakfast foods that would be ok for acne? And Im trying to gain some weight because Im starting to lift weights and wanted to know what are some good foods that I can gain weight from without aggravating my acne.
  5. Yeah, I don't thinkit will do anything either really. But I just thought it was really gross.
  6. Well, yesterday I was pretty sick and when I was feeling better today at school I get sneezed on. I got some spatters on my face too. I came home and wiped my face down with astringent. Do you think Ill be ok or can I get acne from this? The person who sneezed on me wasn't sick btw.
  7. Thanks everybody. I used the dove conditioner today and it didnt seem to do much. My hair was still pretty dry. Ill try the stuff you all told me abut and see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Can anyone tell me a good hair conditioner to use that wont break me out. My hair is dry because I shower everyday but Im scared to use a conditioner for fear that it will break me out. Is dove conditioner ok to use? Im using dove shampoo and wanted to know if the conditioner is ok to use. Thank you.
  9. Yeah, When I started taking zinc, I got a breakout after the first couple of weeks of using it. I wanna know the same thing. Is that just the impurities surfacing?
  10. Another question. How much green tea should I drink daily? and Does it matter if I put a little sugar in it?
  11. Yeah that does look interesting. Wonder if you can get it at any drug store? Ide like to give it a try. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  12. How many times a day to all of you wash your face? I was washing my face morning and night, but recently started washing my face 3 times a day. Morning, night, and when I get home from school. Is it good or bad to wash 3 times a day? Does it produce more oil when you wash too many times a day?