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  1. I don't think that works well at ALL with the system because I have tried it. The only thing that the Refining Mask is good for is reducing redness as a spot treatment overnight and sometimes bringing the zit to a head faster.
  2. I dunno about Retin A but Differin did NOTHING for my blackheads, (along with the rest of my acne)! :oops:
  3. Where'd you find out about that idea? HAHA, I'm gonna try it too since the same thing happened w/ the OXY to me too. I'll keep you posted.
  4. I thought that was pretty weird too, but I guess the other indredients take care of that or eliminate the irritancy? :?
  5. You should definately do the Regimen at night and in the morning but NOT after work, this will probably over dry your face. You might want to just rinse it then pat dry and add a dab of moisturizer. Pads are always something you might wanna look into also.
  6. You should see results fairly quickly from what everyone else on this board has said!
  7. .5% is usually not used as a direct treatment, for example it might be used in a moisturizer for some added help. The 2% is more harsh and it is usually more effective too, so no it is not like BP.
  8. I think Abby and some other people had great success with the Regimen even during "that time during the month". The tape method is awesome and you can learn more about it here: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=1320 I am not sure though about the Neutrogena Moisturizer, don't know anyone that has used it! Good Luck!
  9. I know I'm just playin, usually lots of those products are crap anyway!
  10. I actually have the Clean & Clear stuff. I'm pretty sure I know what your talking about and it's not a cream, they are pads but I thought it was a cream at first too. I just throw these in my soccer bag so I can get the sweat off my face a little better than a towel. A new product that came out that is actually pretty good (waiting for diana to strangle me) but Clearasil Total Control All-Day Moisturizer with SPF 10. It works really well and has green tea, Vit. A,E, and C too.
  11. What stores have you checked out? I see it at Eckerds and CVS usually. You might be looking for the wrong stuff (probably not) but it is in a clear Greenish Bottle and the part that may through you off is that it says FOR FACE AND BODY. Here's the link to the stuff at drugstore.com for $4.99 + shipping. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...-PD-PLST-0-SRCH Good Luck!
  12. I don't know if the pores actually CLOSE (they don't have muscles so they can't open and close) but I don't think the cold water will prevent the BP from getting in.
  13. OXY SHOWER GEL worked extremely well for me you should give it a go, gets a little pricely though!