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  1. acidohphilus.... take it.... love it..... god im drunk.... coLe
  2. Well, it doesn't hurt to call and ask... In fact the only real way to find out is to just call around, starting with your normal doctor, and see if you can have it done somewhere other then a derm. If you can find somewhere else, go for it it will really help. coLe
  3. Well I woke up today after getting a cortisone injection yesterday. Let me tell you, the cyst I had injected went from being really painful and getting bigger in size everyday to a smaller red mark that seems to have stopped growing and does not even hurt anymore. I am now a true believer in cortisone shots, if only I knew about them a long time ago. I would guess you would have to go to a dermatologist to have them done, I called ahead of time and told them what I was wanting to do and they
  4. I just had my first cortisone shot done today. It was suprisingly not painful, I thought it would be because of how tender my cyst was. I can tell a lot of th redness has gone away since the shot, and it doesn't hurt to touch at all like it did last night. I will post again tomorow and let you know what kind of effect the injection had on it. My derm also gave me five pretnisone pills, supposedly they are highly effective anti-inflammatory steroids, that if taken in low doses can clear up in
  5. Well I went in to the derm because of a cyst that was forming, and I wanted to get a cortisone injection. The injection went fine, and I hope it helps to clear my cyst up fast, but my derm also decided to prescribe me five Prednisone tablets. She claims that its what she gives to a person who is getting married and wants to be cleared up for their wedding... Anyways, I have five days worth of 20 mg pills, has anyone tried this stuff and how effective was it? I have a feeling she is trying to
  6. Well, my dog screwed me over lol. I felt a sharp pain after my dog jumped up on my lap and put her paws up around my face.... sure enough I went to the bathroom and there was white liquid coming out of my cheek! Since then I think my "normal" whitehead has gone cystic. I have a appointment tomorow morning to get a corrtisone shot, my first, which I hope helps a lot. My only concern is getting some sort of atrophy after the shot and it leaving a thumb print-like mark on my cheek. I have rea
  7. Well the good news..... I accidently popped the white head white washing my face, was totally not intended, but I can tell its just going to be anormal pimple now. The inflamation is not very good, but there is no new whitehead forming and the pain has gone down significantly, I think just because it was on my cheek, like right where the cheek bone is, it made it more painful. Anyways, I think I got freaked over a normal whitehead, and I am guessing it will be gone within a few days, I am so
  8. Well, I get these maybe twice a year, and let me tell you I can still see the mark from one I got my senior year in high school. Yup, a cyst that comes in as a huge red blotch that makes my face look as if I were punched right beneath the eye. I am not quite sure why it happened, but sure enough I can feel it coming in and can see the slightest little whitehead forming. Anyone yet to find a way to hasten the process of these ugly things? I am not popping it thats for sure because the last t
  9. Just out of curiosity does this mainly affect women? I'm not sayin it doesn't happen to guys, I just think I have read more cases of women having it then men. coLe
  10. I'm with ben on this, I drink AT LEAST 2 liters a day and on most days I find myself refilling my liter bottles and drinking 4 liters. I've been doing this for quite some time now and I find myself more energetic and my skin actually feels more hydrated when I drink a lot of water. I think this is the cheapest most effective supplement you can take for your body. Screw juices, pops, and coffee give me a nice tall glass of evian. coLe
  11. I have read about this topic in a book addressing the diets we eat and what not, and I think it is definetly something to look into if you are mid twenties and still ahve persistent acne and are overweight. I thought I might have had it, but it turns out this disease impacts your metabolism slowing it down and making weight harder and harder to shed. Well it just so happens I am five pounds under weight and eat constantly, so my metabolism is still doing its job well, maybe to well. Anyways,
  12. I will say this, goign against what some of you have said... When I ice a spot that is coming in and can feel it, I only ice it at the surface without pushing and I keep it on there for iI'd say ten minutes. I have found that it not only stops the zit from forming, but also it seems to heal a lot faster. Maybe it's just my skin type, but ice has saved me from quite a few huge pimples. coLe
  13. Hey guys, my derm gave me three little tubes of nicomide t-gel, and I believe this is the stuff you are talking about. I usually dont react well to topicals, but I must say this stuff is pretty good. I have been experimenting with it along my jaw line in case it breaks me out, and I have yet to see a new pimple form while using it on specific areas. It also reduces redness very well. Overall, I have only been using it for a few days and thats probably not long enough to make a judgement, bu
  14. I purchased the tester, and I have yet to use it. It just sits in my drawer because I am afraid it will cause some crazy discoloration/peeling and that would suck to go to work looking like a zombie. I have heeard their stuff is good, but it demands 6 days to do so maybe it would be better to go somewhere and just get a facial done. coLe