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  1. I don't think acne is a deal breaker as long as your personality shines through. If you have acne and you allow it to hinder your personality or confidence than yes, it is a deal breaker. I can understand being upset about it sometimes and since I have some from time to time I can be sympathetic to the issue, but I like a man who just lives his life regardless! As for the body thing I would say I find it important, but not the most important. I'm not going to lie and say that guys with ripped a
  2. I used to do this. The first few months it gave me silky, oil free skin upon waking up. I would apply it after washing, bp, and moisturizing. After a few months though it seemed to lose it's effect with the whole silky skin thing. Still oil free though. I have kind of combination skin so now i just don't really bother doing it.
  3. My boyfriend of 3 years. He never really has seen me with bad skin because he was in the Army for a few years and is now at West Point and he is gone a lot and it is usually while he is away that my skin goes crazy. He always listens to me freaking out about it while he is away though and makes sure to tell me how "stunning and beautiful" I always look. If only he knew, haha. He is my major support system I would say and boy do I appreciate all the nice things he says.
  4. Honestly, I think brushes do matter for most application(concealer, foundation, eyes) BUT there are exceptions. Lip brushes and blush brushes usually haven't seemed much difference in quality or application whether they are MAC, Everyday Minerals, Japonesque, Coastal Scents, or some random Target brand. Right now I use a relatively cheap everyday minerals blush brush and while I love most MAC brushes, their face and blush brushes aren't any better to me! However, if you are wanting the brush for
  5. We shared a song AND a taste in tattoos lol I was all set to get "In Nomine Patris et fili et spiritus sancti" around my wrist, but my work said they would fire me Haha, yeah! That is an amazing song. I like the Jeff Buckley version. I want to get "Reddite ergo, quae sunt Caesaris, Caesari et, quae sunt Dei, Deo" ("Therefore give back those things that are Caesar's to Caesar and those things that are God's to God.") from Matthew 22. Luckily my work doesn't care about tattoos...haha.
  6. Hmm...either "Love is not a victory march" or "It's not hard to fall when you float like a cannonball"...I could probably do a few others too.... I wouldn't ever get anything like that tatted on me though because I plan on only having text in Latin on my body.
  7. Hmm a lot of these replies have got me wanting to listen to music I haven't touched in a while. Good taste, people!
  8. I have been wanting to buy clothing from the Victoria's Secret website for a long time now, I have the same issue as you. I wish the VS here were big enough to carry more. I HAVE bought clothes online though, but only from places I already own most of my staples from, like Gap. Check and see if you can return the VS items to a nearby store if they don't work out.
  9. Ohh, I have to agree with Elliott Smith. For some reason when I hear Needle in the Hay I get all moody. Haha.
  10. I know a lot of times when I have had a bad day, usually involving stressing out about acne, music can play a big part in affecting my mood. I was just wondering if anyone here has any personal favorite songs that help them forget about everything or just music that puts you in a good mood. On the flip side, do you know of any music that seems to make everything worse?
  11. I use EDM but when I want a change and decide to use liquid foundation I use Maybelline Pure Makeup foundation. It is inexpensive and it doesn't break me out. 50% of it is made with water, instead of oils that would otherwise clog pores. It works pretty well and it seems to have pretty buildable coverage for me.
  12. I have thick long hair as you can see in my picture.. But I have always lost a lot of hair when my hair is long. I just thought it was normal, because the hair gets weighty and weaker. Now you have me wondering....
  13. Haha, I would say it is about equal. For any stress he takes away he also creates!
  14. If you are too afraid to pluck them but don't want them to look "done" there is a good alternative to getting bushy eyebrows plucked or doing something too crazy drastic that you could screw up horribly. If you have an electric razor with a sideburn trimmer, brush your eyebrows upward so the ends of them are brushed straight up. You can see the shape of your eyebrows under them and what you do is if the brushed up eyebrow goes OVER the top of your eyebrow you trim until it is even with the top s
  15. My significant other is in the army so he spends months at a time away. It is very strange though because every time he is home my, what I would call moderate, acne clears up. For those few weeks of him touching all over my face, sleeping with my face on his, or touching when our faces kiss I get absolutely NO PIMPLES...it even seems as if my red marks clear. It is just weird because everyone seems to have the opposite problem. The sad thing is, once he is gone it all goes to heck. A few weeks l