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  1. well.....I started accutane 2 months ago at 16 and a half years old. I am also a guy who is 5' 3". I was already done growing when I took it. Your son may have already been done growing, or very close to it when taking the drug. Even though he grew 3 inches in the last year, and only grew 1 inch on accutane, that may have been his last major growth. Even though he grew 1 inch, the drug may have stunted his growth, but he would have probably only gained maybe .5 inches-1 inch more(so 5" 3.5")
  2. Ok...at homecoming dance it was much harder for me to get it up than last year. It did eventually got hard after grinding on this one girl for a while, but it didn't instantly get hard(it took a while). Is this an effect of accutane or not? Or do I just have to take a break from jerking off?
  3. yeah....i would also use benzoyl peroxide and take minocycline. Not retin a
  4. I know what your taliking about, I had that too. I had back pain for week 2 and three. Now Im on week 4 and it is gone.
  5. I am almost done with my first month , and my skin has really improved. It started improving after about week 1-2. I guess I am somewhat lucky, cause I have had no IB.
  6. Is it ok if I worked out a lot on wednesday, and I am getting my second blood test on Saturday? I heard that you were not supposed to work out before a blood test, but how long?
  7. I just eat it with peanut butter, and whatever else im having for dinner. I might try taking it with fish oil alsoo though
  8. Hi... I have been taking accutane every day during, or after dinner. Is this a good time to take it. I heard you were supposed to take it with your biggest meal of the day. Is it better to take the pill after dinner or during????? Also, what should I eat it with? PLEASE HELP
  9. I think my derm said 25 percent of the people who were on accutane need to go back on it. 75 percent don't.....
  10. I have been taking sotret for 6 days. I also do not have any dryness. I think you might start to get dry in week 2. I go up to 30 mg a day next month, so I am guessing I will really start to feel dry then. After that I will be going up to 40 mg a day for a couple of months.
  11. I just took my 4th pill of Sotret(20mg) today. I really hope that it gets rid of my acne. I have red acne on my back, arms, face, chest, hips, etc.... I hate it, and felt acne was taking over my mind. Whenever I would be talking to a girl, I wwould think about my acne. IT SUCKED! INEED THIS TO WORK....
  12. I just got my bloodtest back, and my blood sugar level was a bit above normal. What foods should I stay away from and what foods should I be eating to help lower it. I am going to be exercising about 30 minutes a day from now on(I heard this will help lower it). Thanks.
  13. YOU SHOULD NOT take an antibiotic(cyclin) when on accutane. Stop it now and you should be ok.