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  1. Hey everyone, I no longer have acne but have a lot of redness under my skin mostly on my checks. I don't ever wear makeup, so I don't want anything that will be obvious I am trying to cover something. I have very fair skin so it looks like I am always blushing. Do any girls have a recommendation of a light powder or foundation that can even out my skin tone but not look like I have a ton of makeup on? Thanks so much!
  2. I use epiduo gel. It has benzoil peroxide and the active ingredient from differin. I definitely recommend waiting at least a few weeks before using any product with bp. I could only use it a few times a week even a month after stopping accutane because it made my skin burn. Now i am using every night but very very little and it keeps everything under control.
  3. I did 6 months, but didn't see any change in my last month. I know how you feel, it can be hell. It is your choice, however, to stop at any time. Many people do a second course after they have had time to heal. if you do not feel like you can handle another month, listen to your body. Take some time and heal and find a new doctor. You should never feel uncomfortable with a doctor.
  4. Hey guys, I am a 20 year old female and finished a 6 month course of accutane about 2 months ago. I thought I would summarize my experience for everyone to hopefully answer some of your questions. I had horrible cystic acne all over my face. I tried EVERYTHING for years and thousands of dollars, and found a cure for 7 dollars a month, who knew. I started out on 40 mg/day. Within a week my skin started to tighten. Within 2 weeks my lips were parched. I was swimming in aquafor through my entire
  5. Unfortunately accutane left me with a lot of red marks. I have no more acne but a ton of reddness under the skin that my derm told me would take 6 months to fade. It makes me sad because it looks like I have acne but my skin is completely smooth.
  6. I know exactly what you mean...but hang in there. I am on month 6 now with clear skin...but months one and two were hell.
  7. Accutane and alcohol damage your liver. Thats a bad thing. Its good to keep all damage to a minimum. Time to chose between a clear face and getting shitfaced. Choose both and risk death.
  8. Your doctor needs to go online and approve you. They should do this when the give you/call in your perscription. So after you talk to your doctor, and before you pick up your tane, you are able to go only and fill a few questions, then you are all set to pick up your meds.
  9. The only reason drinking would be evident on your blood test is if your liver function declined. Trust me, its going to take A LOT more alcohol than that for a A LONG time to cause a decrease in liver function, especially since you just started. Accutane can be taxing on the liver, so its recommended that you don't drink while on it. But there is no way you would have already damaged your liver...
  10. I have been on Sotret for four months now, and this time when I picked up my prescription I was given Claravis. Has anyone switched and noticed a difference? Thanks! (P.S. I am 99% acne free already!)
  11. Thanks a bunch, i wasn't able to get out to the drugstore yet, but I had some antibiotic cream. That seemed to have calmed it down a bit until I get the cream your recommended. Thanks!
  12. I have been on accutane over 2 months, and had some really stubborn spots. I put a tiny bit of benzoyl peroxide over the area, and it was fine for 2 days. Now I have horrible redness over the area and it hurts so bad. I really need the redness to go away, anything I can do that won't make me break out again?
  13. I am almost 2 months into accutane, and have horribly dry lips. I've been using aquafor which has be great, but it is clogging all the pores around my mouth, and now some are developing into huge white heads around my lips. Are there any other options? Thanks!
  14. I mean what things do they test for, like there must be a CBC (complete blood count), but what else What functions/levels are tested
  15. I recently had my first blood test to begin Accutane, and forgot to look at the script for what tests were done. Does anyone know the official list of what labs are done regularly? (I know there is liver enzymes, pregnancy, etc, but I would really like to know the specifics) I am just curious, thanks!