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  1. I use the Clenia wash and Benzaclin "gel." The Benzaclin does not look like a gel. It is white and I would call it a cream. The label still calls it "gel."
  2. Progress report: Still looking good. No new blemishes of any kind. The few spots I have from old blemishes are fading, but there will still be traces of them for a while longer. The blackheads on the sides of my nose are slowly receding, too. I sure wish the empty pores they leave behind would shrink! I have a few tiny either milia or mini-whiteheads on my forehead that have been there for years. They are less obvious, but no one except me would ever see them any way. I have one scar; maybe i
  3. There definitely is a test for hormone levels. It can be evaluated right in the doctor's office within a few minutes. That's where I would start as soon as I could see my doctor.
  4. I am on benzaclin which is a cream with cleomycin and benzoil peroxide both in it. The druggist mixes it up when you go in to get it. It has done wonders for me. For topical stuff, I am also using clenia cleanser. I have no pimples and only a few blackheads left. It has been about a week since I started using it. My skin does feel a little tight, but it does not look dry and it is definitely very smooth.
  5. It is supposed to work. I had an operation (nothing to do with acne) and the surgeon told me to put that stuff on my scar. I never got around to it. I did buy a tube and tried some on a scar on my face. I don't think it has done a lot for the scar, but I am not very good about getting the Mederma on two times a day. It maybe stopped a healing cyst (I picked it) from turning into a scar.
  6. Yeah, I do realize I might be celebrating early, but it is hard not to get really excited. The change has been dramatic. I will get back right away if things get worse, but I will also get back if I stay clear. Sherman, I have been using Cetaphil sometimes before I wash with Clenia, because Cetaphil is so gentle. You might want to try Cetaphil if you feel a little oily between your regular wash times. Clenia's instruction say to make sure your face is clean, and then to wet your face and wo
  7. I got my skin cleared up, or at least close enough that I do not have to wear makeup, but I have some big pores on my nose. Is there anything I can buy to shrink those done or make them less noticeable? I bought a tube of Perricone's Pore Refining Concealer. It does the trick of hiding them and it may help shrink them. It is $35 for a .5 oz/15 ml tube. The tube lasts for a while, but still that is a lot of money!
  8. My face is clear! Yes, there is a small red blotch on my chin where a big pimple came up before I started on this regimine, because I picked the thing. There are also a a couple very small light marks from other blemishes, and there are some blackheads still on the sides of my nose. All the other mess is gone! I can put a little bit of cover-up on that red mark on my chin and maybe dab some on the tiny little marks, and I could go out anywhere and not have anyone stare at me! Hooray! It ha
  9. Increases the chances of scarring! I don't want that! I am going to watch this stuff really carefully for a few days. My face feels tight. The directions say not to put anything else on the skin, but I put on some oil-free moisturizer. The Clenia cleanser came in and I used it for the first time tonight. It looks like it cleans out pores very deeply. Some of the blackheads that shrunk down from the benzaclin turned into open pores after the clenia. The pharmecy had no experience with Cle
  10. Maybe I am imagining it, but benzaclin gel seems to be working already! I put it on last night for the first time and then again this morning. My skin is looking better. The blackheads on the side of my nose are way better. Some have disappeared and the rest have shrunk. It does not make sense that this stuff would have made changes so soon, but I am willing to accept miracles.
  11. I had really good luck with tea tree oil and Cleocin-T used together. I wet down a cotton ball with water, squeezed out most of the water, then put a little tea tree oil on the cotton ball before rubbing it over my face. My skin got close to clear in a few days, but the smell of the tea tree oil was really strong. The brand I bought was "Desert" something-or-other and it came from GNC.
  12. I talked to the pharmecist. He said to take a cracker or part of a piece of bread with erythromycin if it upsets your stomach, but it is better to take it on an empty stomach if you can stand it. He thought it was unusual to be taking erythromycin orally and using benzclin topically at the same time, but he didn't see any harm in it. The clenia cleanser has not arrived yet. They had to order it and it did not make today's delivery. My package of benzaclin says to keep it in the refrigerator, a
  13. Forgot to say that I am to use both the Clenia and the Benzaclin Gel twice a day.
  14. I finally went to DR yesterday. She wrote RX for Erythromycin 333 mg (taken 3 times per day), Clenia cleanser, and Benzaclin gel. Has anyone been on this combo? I went the the MedlinePlus on the National Institute of Health website and it says not to use Benzaclin if you are using Erythromycin. The doctor also told me to take the Erythromycin with food and the NIH says to take it on an empty stomach. I haven't filled my perscriptions yet. I am kind of wondering if it is worth bothering with.