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  1. Have you looked into Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)? If you have issues with bloating when eating fruits like apples and grapes you may have fructose intolerance, which can be a symptom of SIBO.
  2. As a fellow skinny chick gone Paleo, here are some things I'd like to emphasize: MAKE SURE TO EAT CARBS (100-150g/day if not more...still trying to figure this out). I don't understand why there is so much carb hate in the Paleo community. Low-carb dieting is often detrimental to health over the long term, as carbs are needed for production of the active thyroid hormone T3 which is responsible for several important bodily functions. Going low carb for too long, ESPECIALLY if you're underweig
  3. Can you get organic frozen berries? Those are usually very fresh.
  4. Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. Running the gauntlet of traditional doctors, supplements and alternative treatments with little relief must be incredibly frustrating. Have you tried acupuncture for balancing your immune system? When I think dry skin, I think thyroid issues, low calcium/magnesium, or lack of high-quality animal fat in diet, but I'm not sure if any of those can lead to symptoms as severe as you're describing. When you said your sweat irritates the crap out of yo
  5. The way your saliva floats in a glass of water has nothing to do with your intestinal health. Judge your progress by actual digestive symptoms. If you want to fix your gut, the best diets for doing so are GAPS, SCD, and paleo, with lots of bone broth. There is a lot of overlap between them. The candida diet is overly restrictive and most people don't need to go nearly that far to heal.
  6. Hypothyroid (currently working with a doc to get my levels stabilized, in the meantime my skin doesn't heal, I get bouts of depression and my hair is falling out), along with some undiagnosed digestive issue that makes my whole GI tract cramp up and sound like a coffee percolator. The acne is, embarrassingly, the most disabling of these issues, mostly because all of it is scarring. My life is Fun Times right now. But this too shall pass...
  7. @ timehealsall: I think my skin is like that due to my hypothyroidism and not the products I use, tho it is a bit oily from emu oil. The skin on my hands and legs is the same way. @ bameano: I used emu oil 2x day with Retin-A. My skin just didn't do well with it, and it never cleared my acne after 6 months, either. Thanks for the suggestion, though! I'm sure it works great for some people. And TGF-Beta-1 has a key role in scar formation, so boosting levels of it could lead to more scarri
  8. Yeah, I know these particular scars aren't that bad, but on top of my other scars (rolling, boxcar, hypertrophic) they bug me, especially since they came out of nowhere on the only places I didn't have much scarring. I think Retin-A actually caused them, because I had nothing like this until about a month after starting Retin-A, and kept getting them during the six months I was on it...it does increase TGF-beta-1 production, after all. I will take it easy as far as treating them goes, though!
  9. I just got some more that look like fingernail marks, too (bright red line here): http://tinypic.com/r/2gy7kg3/7 ...but they're not. I never pick or pop. There were no pimples there. Thank god no one else sees my skin that close up, but seriously. These things blow.
  10. 1) They may have had more minor acne than kids today do due to their diet, lifestyle, etc. 2) They may not have stressed about it as much as we do. Stress can dramatically impair healing, and sometimes I wonder if chronic stress can make one prone to scarring... 3) More young people have taken Accutane than older people Also, my dad definitely has rolling and boxcar acne scars on his cheeks and temples, and some of them are pretty deep. He is 52, and doesn't give a rat's ass about his pit
  11. Yup, some people notice scarring. Is it surprising that someone who works at a spa and deals with beauty issues would point it out? I don't think so. I'm sure most people probably don't even notice your scarring, and if they do notice, they probably don't care about it. Before I had acne scarring, I never noticed it on anyone; now I see a ton of people with it. It's a real mind game. When dealing with scars, I think at a certain point you simply need to stop giving a damn what other people
  12. I have the same exact thing. The only topical I use now is Finacea. I have stopped picking as well, but I still get them out of nowhere too. When I asked a plastic surgeon about using TCA cross on them he said he wouldn't do it and I'm too chicken to try doing it on myself. It is very frustrating indeed. If you don't mind my asking, do you take any vitamin supplements, and have you used a retinoid before? I'm trying to figure out if either of those is the cause. I think it's either the Retin
  13. I didn't squeeze the area at all, and I don't pick my skin. Just an update: I stopped Retin-A about a month ago, and only cleanse very gently with emu and castor oil, and I'm still getting these. I've gotten a few on my right cheek that are almost identical to the ones on my left. They come out of nowhere or form around small inflamed pimples. Wish I could figure out the cause! Anyone know if TCA cross works on these things?
  14. Sure! I started eating a lot of bacon, eggs, salmon, chicken thighs with skin, lamb chops, making beef broth in the slow cooker with fatty knuckle bones, etc. I still don't eat as much animal fat as I'd like to, so I'm going to order a tub of grass-fed beef tallow to cook with. Fat is definitely important for skin health, and I can see a difference in my skin when I don't eat enough of it. If you ditch the rice, you can add sweet potato with butter, mashed parsnips with butter, or just dou