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  1. so i realized i was using way too many products at the same time and i was breaking out even more then before.. SO i actually bought a regimen, the Clean & Clear Advantage line of products including: cleanser, lotion, and spot treatment so heres my new regimen: morning wash face with cleanser put on lotion put on BP (not spot treatment) drink 8 bottles of water daily night wash face with cleanser put on lotion put on bp and spot treatment ive only been using it for a couple of days no
  2. calendula cream is so spectacular for dry red irretated skin and also it is amazing for healing scars. Its made out of marigold so if your allergic to plants stay away from it. it doesnt really reduce current acne but if you only have scabs or scars that need healing this stuff works like no other. its used mostly for babies so its really gentle. its a bit thick on the face at first so but it on at night and sleep in it. Once skin is used to it in the morning it will sink in really nicely. redu
  3. you have the sweetest hair, ever.

  4. fo sho! cinnamon: antibacterial properties Nutmeg: anti-oxidant and antiseptic properties tumeric: just clams me down :] DONT USE TOO MUCH OF THIS, WILL TURN YOU YELLOW
  5. woot woot. im gonna start this today! its mid day and i havnt picked anything! im going to put a little star on my calendar for each day i dont pick. i think i can i think i can!
  6. i had almost clear skin until i get this rash that makes my skin raw and gives me scabs and more whiteheads all over on the sides of my chin and upper lip. is there any way to fade acne marks really fast? its friday right now, and im going swing dancing with my friends sunday. they all have perfect skin and havnt seen me with a lot of red marks since 8th grade. im contemplating not going and being a hermit for another week. this is so frustrating for real. im adding a picture a few pictures of h
  7. awah thanks!

    im here to help support by the way, i read your blog and im so sorry. but we're all here because we dont like our skin. somehow, it will get better :]. im a good listener if you ever want to just rant some more.

  8. man i know exactly how you feel, i was ALMOST CLEAR (SO CLOSE) then i had a fit on my face :/ seriously though im stopping today. ive stopped before i can do it again, but really picking is so bad we both know that and its so hard to stop but try focusing on something else like plucking your eyebrows or painting your nails or something, try not getting close to the mirror at all, ever. best of luck to you!
  9. by the way im here for your quest for clear skin to! its nice to talk to someone who has a boyfriend like mine haha and who has sorta the same feeling as me.

  10. i know the feeling, i always get uneasy without makeup. he made me rinse it off today because he told me "you putting on makeup is like putting clouds over the beautiful sun" :) hes so sweet haha.

  11. so ok, i need to find someway to get rid of my big redish brownish acne marks! so i made this mask/spot treatment this morning and i could see the acne scars faded a little bit after i washed this off: - cinnamon power - nutmeg power (less then cinnamon) - a pinch of turmeric powder, just a tiny bit of that - enough lemon juice to make a thick paste - add honey so it sticks to the skin, but not so much that it makes the mask soupy... keep it pretty thick, but not like a face pack... Bonus: add
  12. I'm shy when it comes to facing my boyfriend with my flawed up face, but when he says, " you're beautiful" it makes your day right? :D I'm here to cheer you on for clear skin madeline333 !

  13. i tried this baking soda thing bottom line is if you have very oily and not sensitive skin i think it may work great...the thing is i dont have that...i have dry red irritated and very sensitive skin and when i tried this is hurt ALOT and it made my skin breakout into a rash which turned into DARK scabs which im battling to this day. my advice is if you really want to try this, do it on one little part of your skin and see how it works
  14. thanks for all your advice :]

  15. so i dropped my compact in the bathroom on the tile floor...it ALL fell out and now i have no makeup except for really light power and it just has to be one of those times when i have really bad red marks from this bad rash i got on my face. Also, i have to walk to whole foods to get more of it, along a busy street for 5 blocks....tell me how bad it looks please, im afraid to leave but i must get cover up