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  1. I have recently finished Isotretinoin myself and have a similar problem with redness. I have slight redness across my cheeks and chin all the time and if I get even slightly over-heated I literally go BRIGHT red in seconds. I am hoping its just the effects of the drug wearing off, its meant to take several months to leave our system completely.
  2. I had to wait around three months, but I guess thats just crowded waited lists in my area. It was completely worth the wait though! Like you, I had mild but extremely persistant acne which was never terrible but ALWAYS there and such a confidence knocker. Now after just a month on Roaccutane my skin is actually almost clear My only regret is putting off asking for a referral for so long, I would have had a much better time at uni if I'd done this years ago. Good luck!
  3. Hi, I started about two and a half weeks ago so I guess we're in a similar boat. My skin is slightly dry, but still not uncomfortably so. I have been using Olay Complete mosituriser and it's pretty good. It has a nice, non greasy texture and contains SPF 15 so offers some protection from the sun. My face is very red as well, I'm not sure there is much that can be done about it. Some say taking zinc supplements while on Roaccutane can help with the redness so I guess thats worth a try. My eyes
  4. I'm surprised your doctor wouldn't refer you to a dermatologist on the NHS. My acne is milder than yours and my doctor had no problem referring me and I'm now on Roaccutane. Then again I have had acne for eight years and have a long list of tried and failed treatments on my medical records. I don't think a doctor will refer a patient on the NHS unless they've already tried at least two types of antibiotics, as well as birth control and topicals. If you've already tried these things and they have
  5. The NHS derms are absolutely crap lol!! I was on a waiting list for ages and when i finally went there i was like YES hes going to help me! I was in there for about 43 seconds and he just threw some antibiotics at me and basically said leave. No blood tests no anything lol. It got better the next time as the new one actually spoke to me lol Looked at my skin under a lens and gave me the same antibiotics lol. The next one gave me the same antibiotics as well, and the next one. I asked them so muc
  6. Well I have my first appointment with a derm in a few weeks, I'm from England so have been on the bloody NHS waiting list for about three months. I really don't want to cry but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I do. Finding it hard to keep it together at the moment. Guaranteed there WILL be tears at some point on the day of my appointment, I just hope I can wait until I get home.
  7. It's definately spoiled, but maybe not completely ruined parts of my life. I really think I would have had a much better time at university, for example, if my self confidence wasn't constantly undermined by acne.
  8. Hi, like you I have mild but very persistent acne. I've had it for around 6-7 years and I'm now 21. I had it all the way through uni and as a result had nowhere near as much fun as I should have! So I understand what you're going through. I've never been on accutane but I'm thinking of going private and asking for it (I'm in the UK.) In your experience are private derms here willing to perscribe accutane for this kind of mild acne ? I couldn't face spending the money on the consultation just to
  9. I'm 5'6 and 122 pounds and "normal" according to BMI calculators on the internet although I usually feel a little too skinny if anything. I used to be very underweight for my height, around 112 pounds, and funnily enough thats when my acne was at its worst. I've naturally put on weight over the last two years or so and have to say my skin is ALOT better but this could just be a result of getting older and my acne finally receding(fingers crossed.) I have noticed there seems to be a connection b
  10. I see people with varying amounts of acne everyday. It doesn't make me feel anything in particular,I don't think any less of them, and it certainly doesn't make me feel better - just cos this condition is extremely common doesn't mean I'm comfortable with having it!
  11. I think you should speak seriously to your dermatologist about going on Accutane, explain the devastating effect your skin has on you emotionally and say that it is even putting a strain on your work/family life. Given these reasons and the persistance of your acne I don't see why they wouldn't perscribe it for you. Best of luck. x
  12. A teenage boy said the exact same thing to me about a year ago when I was just walking down the street minding my own business, his little gang that was with him burst out laughing of course. Worst thing was I was actually feeling pretty confident that day and had convinced myself my skin looked better than normal. Well he soon shattered that false hope.
  13. I used to be convinced that a particular perfect skinned friend of mine took pleasure in the sorry state of my skin because it made her feel better about herself. I really believed that she was secretly disappointed on the few occasions my spots cleared up because of various treatments. It actually resented her because of this. Now I've come to realise that she really doesn't care or even notice my skin because just like everyone else shes far too concerned with her weight, her hair and all her
  14. I'm an introvert. I've always been very shy and quiet and find alot of people hard to relate to. My Acne has just given me one more reason to retreat into myself I suppose, but I know I won't have a total character change and become the life and soul of the party when my skin clears cos I've never been that way!
  15. +1 When I'm miserable listening to Moz makes me feel like I'm not alone in my misery. Yep, no one understands self pity like Morrissey
  16. When you tell yourself you'll never have children in case they end up with acne too .
  17. My mum says stuff like that too, but even without any sort of prompting from me! When my skin was at its worst she said stuff like "don't worry you'll find a nice boy who will love you for your personality". It hurts because it feels like shes saying "give up on your looks!".
  18. I've gone from sweet and optimistic to cynical, bitter and twisted.