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  1. Thanks guys. I have a really high fever too, though, so I'm praying I've just got a normal virus.
  2. Thanks for your fast reply. I've googled it and called my campus health services
  3. You might want to talk to a psychologist and get a prescription for an SSRI, like Zoloft or Celexa.
  4. So I'm really sick, for the second time in my accutane course. I'm on day 60-something. I know this is really gross, but I feel like I have the world's worse period cramps, muscle weakness, and my bowel movements are really really painful. I feel like vomiting everytime. I've been pretty much good on accutane (without side-effects), but I'm scared this is more than a common sickness and IBS. Does anyone know? I've stopped taking accutane this morning.
  5. Yeah the question are pretty stupid. They literally asked me: "You and your partner only have one condom. You should: (a) have sex twice and reuse the condom, (b) have sex twice without condoms or © have sex once and wait to buy more condoms."
  6. My derm encouraged me to take vitamins, and I've found that between E, biotin, and fish oil, I hardly have any side effects. Actually, my hair is thicker than ever. Around day 20-ish or so, I started getting some weird chest pains too, especially when laying down on my side. They went away within a week.
  7. If you're willing to drive to Columbus every month, try Dr. Kademian. She's with Mid-Ohio Dermatology. 614-442-0100
  8. Make sure it's a fatty meal. I make sure to eat cheese, butter, or salad dressing before I take my Accutane.
  9. I got a red rash on my hands and elbows. I talked to my derm and she gave me a steroid cream that cleared it up immediately.
  10. It depends on what you mean "work". I saw positive changes on the first day, broke out badly on day 6, and by day 11 I was done breaking out. I'm still healing from old acne. But everyone reacts differently, and my acne was never that bad. I'm about 150-155 lbs and I've been on 40 mg/day. Today's day 35-ish.
  11. I actually got a couple pimples my first week because I was over-moisturizing. I didn't actually start needing heavy-duty moisturizer until day 11. That's also the first day I didn't see a new pimple. I'm 155 lbs and taking 40 mg / day (I was prescribed 60 my first month, but never ended up taking that much). It's day 34-ish. Don't worry too much. I felt rushed into it, but I'm glad I was. I finally feel human again.
  12. Yeah I'm on 60 mg of Sotret a day and spending about the same amount. I have Blue Cross too. I think next time, I'm going to get mine filled at Giant Eagle, so at least I get a discount on my gas. Maybe there's something similar in your area?
  13. I got mine filled at CVS and they didn't even ask for my iPledge information.
  14. Try Vitamin E. I've only been on Accutane for a couple weeks, but side effects (joint pain, headaches) dissapeared immediately after starting vitamins with Accutane. I take 666% Vitamin E, two B pills, a fish oil, and a biotin with every Accutane pill. I'm obviously not in your position, but as far as I can tell, vitamins can't hurt.