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  1. Ty, but mybe there are other ways ?
  2. i have been using AHA for 3 months , nothing.
  3. Well yeah, but lately ( 2 months) I have been trying not too do that. I personally think that it is frow some kind of dryness because my forehead ussualy fells stiff, but i cant moisturize it enought. This is realy bothering me because i am young and i have this massive fine line .
  4. Im only 16 but i have this deep fine line all over my forehead. I dont do regimen on my forehead but still I have this fine line and no mather how much i mosturize my forehead seams dry. Altought My skin is very oily. Any tips please ?
  5. It's easy to point out bad, But how about ppl who had great success with the regimen ? I started regimen in June, it took me good 3 months to get clear. It was very frustrating for 3 months, because I experienced side effects like red face, dryness, breaking out every day. Now i am using regimen only at night (1/2 pump bp) and aha. It's working great for me. I had acne for 4 years and finnaly i am enjoyin my appearance. Sorry for my english and have a great day guys
  6. I guess tonight I'm doing experiment. Well true, i dont wash my face in the morning it saves time and i think my skin color is less pinkish ( or smth idk :redface: ). I'm extraordinary. :shifty: Mybe someone have been in similar position?
  7. Greetings good people Little bit about my self - i have been on dans regimen for 7 months now and it helped a lot. Month ago i started doing regimen only at night and for about 2 weeks im using only one pump of BP. Regimen still do the trick, I guess im very lucky. ^^ So the question is - will i be ok using Acne orgs aha+ if I will leave it on for 24 h because i do the regimen once a day (at night) ? Bad English, cheers ^^ Ty
  8. One mirror whore here ^^ Used to hate them but since i have been on regimen for 7 months I have fallen in love with them. Still long road to go.
  9. Ok water only ,my bad. Well but u have to admit it is very similar considering that i didnt needed no recovery from any topicals or something. mybe im wrong. Right now im using Dans regimen. Im happy About the cure thing, U said ---- '' About this, do note that after they noticed better skin they also experienced horrible skin afterward then after that a healthy skin forever since that is what you should have been having all these years anyway. And I remind you that everything out there have D
  10. Ok, when i first started getting acne i was 12, 3 and a half years i didnt use any medication only washed my face with water during shower. In that time my acne from mild become moderate and I regret that i did nothing to clear i up ( in that time i was virgin in products and didnt know what to do and my mom always said that i will outgrow it and sh*t ) So, is it realy '' The cure '' ? It wasnt for me.
  11. Please consider taking phone and calling that women because I bet, underwater photoshoot would be wonderful exp and life time opportunity.
  12. Yeah but still eastern european called Jukka In sake of topic, in times when u fluffy101 fell down I would sugest listening to ska and ska-punk music. Horns and rythm always lifts my spirt.
  13. Comedy tv shows like scrubs, friends, my name is earl, How i met your mother, married with children, Reaper and so on. Have a laugh ^___^ bes thing ever ;P
  14. Yeah its sad that ppl like to see other ppl flaws, just to feel better about their own flaws. ^ Just my opinion, what they are thinking.