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  1. When i was using that combination, I used the tretinoin at night and the clindamycin in the morning
  2. I just started having acne problems a year ago, in July I decided to get on retin A, my condition improved but it was not perfect....now it seems like retin a has stopped working all together....my complexion is so terrible....my texture is bad, and breakouts are not horrible but they are constant, and leaving lots of marks behind. Anyone experienced this retinoids? It is so upsetting, I just want it to stop Acne stops me from doing so many things....self esteem just drops to the floor
  3. I thought it would be ok to do so, since waxing is not a good idea, I decided to thread my cheeks and chin, my face got sooooo red and this morning my had some red bumps with some small tiny white heads.......how long til it goes away??? has this happened to anyone? I now know it was a bad idea...never again
  4. I have been using tretinoin since july, also clindamicyn in the mornings. At first I didn't experience major dryness, although my skin is very sensitive. Everything was working well until about a week or two ago. My skin has gotten very dry and flaky and I started breaking out, not major break outs but noticeable. Has anyone experienced this before? did the meds just stop working???? I'm afraid to put too much lotion on because i get very oily throughout the day....oily and flaky.
  5. I use .025% retin a at night and clindamycin in the morning. I wash with neutrogena clear wash (i think that's what it's called). I mean it works ok I guess, but I hate having good days, bad days...or afraid that it's going to get worse in the winter, my face gets very dry and breaks out with the cold weather :ninja:
  6. I have been on Retin A for a while now, since July. I have seen results but ... acne is still coming and going, some good days, some not so good days, I mean it's not bad, but I just wish it would stay gone. If i were to switch to differin, would I experience another IB????
  7. I know you're not supposed to wax your face when using retin a, but what about threading??? has anyone ever tried it? did it irritate your skin???
  8. Well I started using it back in July I think. I didn't experience any type of reaction until a couple weeks later. I got what can be classified as my initial breakout, it was kinda bad but not too bad. but then again I use make up and I was able to cover some of it, it only lasted like a week though, so that helped a lot. You're probably going to hear this a lot of times, everyone is different, and we are, some people react really bad to it, others it works like a miracle....I think I wa
  9. I used the same one as well, the gel one, my dermatologist didn't warn me either, but thank goodness I haven't experienced any of that. I have been on it since Jul 30, everyone is different, my face is pretty sensitive too, but for some reason i got lucky. I only experince the peeling, but it's not too bad....oh and a bit of oily face. I use it every night.
  10. Hey! that's the same stuff I'm using (except for the pills) I actually went through the same situation as you, when i first started using it, my face actually started clearing up, so I was scared just waiting for the worst, also I started to believe I was one of the few lucky ones. My face is soooo sensitive and dry, and RAM didn't make anything worse on that side, I was expecting the same as you, dryness, redness, and all, but so far nothing, and it's been hmmm over a month and a half.
  11. I'm with tidaldream on the anti-aging at least one good thing will come out of it So trucker....I use the neutrogena wash with no benzoyl or salicylic acid...I know some people use those but in my opinion, at the beginning you shouldn't....that way you know how your face is going to react ...after a couple weeks, then you can start incorporating other products. I don't even use lotion thank goodness my face doesn't get that dry, I only use sunscreen (aveeno 30 spf, the one for the face
  12. I'm 26.....I was terrified also, some reviews are so scary I started using it two and a half weeks ago....and everything is going well so far, I don't know if I was a lucky case or skins are just different I guess. You won't know until you try it, really. My skin is super sensitive....dry...oily...but the tretinoin didn't really affect me much...no increased dryness or redness (only when I went out in the sun with no sunscreen! won't do that again). I hear some people say that they experi
  13. Ok, so I've been using tretinoin gel for a week and a half now (at night) and clindamycin in the morning....my face seems to be getting better everyday.....BUT should I still be expecting an IB???? Did this happened to anybody???
  14. Yes, I use the gel...mine is .025% my dematologist said that the gel was sometimes pricey, and to check at the pharmacy and if it was toooooo expensive, then to just go back to the office and they would sell me the cream cheaper.....I don't know if the gel is in reality more expensive or they just don't carry that at the derm's office. And also said, she preffered for me to use to gel....I really don't know if it's stronger....I've heard from people that the gel makes your face more dry or som
  15. I've been using Oil-Free Moisture by Neutrogena (for sensitive skin) and Aveeno Continuous protection spf 30 for the one formulated for the face. So far so good, I've only been on them for a week and a half.