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  1. Why hello Pedro my name is Jessica and its nice to meet you :) Yes sir I do in fact live in Abq.

  2. hahahaha thanks ;)

  3. yes, boy, you are cute and i have a highschool photo/digital based crush on you

  4. real person? Confused lol

  5. awww thanks :) I'm sure the same goes for you ;)

  6. you. are. hot. :0

    my goodness, even you're messy hair pic from the Picture Thread was! love the earrings/gages!! have a stellar day;D

  7. Here I iz! The other night at my apartment http://i45.tinypic.com/i2nhwx.jpg 1 Minute ago! http://i50.tinypic.com/nxkf3o.jpg o.O
  8. Month 8 It has been 3 months since I fininised my accutane but I figured I would give a quick update with some pictures! Accutane is the best thing in the world! It has changed my life! My face is not 100% clear, of course I still have left over red spots and scaring but my face is 100x better! I do get break outs every once in a while but they go away and they don't even bother me any more. Life is good! Thanksgiving today and Christmas soon. I wish everyone who takes accutane the best and
  9. ahh ditto, i also got a shit of work to do lol, cant wait till xmas!!!

  10. I've been good, this semester is about to end. Finals and Papers are about to take over my life! How about yourself?

  11. lol it's ok, how u been?

  12. hey lol!

    U caught me!!!! O.o

  13. sup lurker, lol

  14. Thank you!

    You are too ;)

  15. Boy, you're damn cute.