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  1. FYI..CINNAMON also helps regulate blood sugar levels, Ive been eating 1 tsp a day for a while on toast, so good! Google 'cinnamon health' or cinnamon blood sugar or something like that-- theres a lot of new research on it. Theyre giving it to diabetics and women with PCOS who both have insulin problems. I lovve using spices/herbs lately.
  2. I know were all trying to save money these days, and veggies/fruit are super important to us. If you dont get to eat, for example berries, in time (me I always feel in a race to eat them up before they get icky) when is really too late? Like only the last few years have people even had fridges to keep fruit perfect, would our ancestors have been so picky if they were hungry?? Is it really bad to eat imperfect fruits. Ive always been perfectionist about my fruit, tossing away the slightly brui
  3. You guys are arguing over those same things everyone always does. Congrats. Do you realize the guy might have a few good MAIN IDEA's, if you ignore all the weird crazy stuff? Which is how it usually is with this topic. Like I was saying, too bad someone who isnt nuts isnt talking about that, w/o the wrong stuff.
  4. meditating.. tips? comments pour moi?
  5. aww :T I hope it goes ok for you. I was so excited when I found this site and saw those ACV reviews where everyone gave it like 2 thumbs up...but I started getting afraid it was irritating my face so I stopped right after my pd. stopped. Maybe Im going to just forget about this for now, my skin isnt too bad with foundation on, its kinda nice, and I still cant picture myself with that smooth perfect clear skin when I do + visualization. So Ima work on that more, maybe look at myself from far
  6. Dude I know what your saying. And I really appreciate this conversation. BUT, that crazy guy/video is one of the things that keeps me from wanting to tell anyone I know about my recent foray into meditation and such. Some of you may have seen that slightly physics-y doc. "What the Bleep Do we know?!" And I just got the new book "the intention experiment" from the library and skimmed it. Plus this google vid. Now, this upsets me too, because in these things, people who have 'sort of' studied hig
  7. Does this scare anybody too? Like the other side of the coin. Im starting to believe this stuff, and am starting to be more calm and nice and open to people, but what if you have bad thoughts. IE. those recent NYTimes articles recommending limiting cell phone use because they could cause tumors, what if you like cant help thinking about that happening to you....yikes
  8. "If you want to ignore it thats entirely up to you..but it is true that atleast 80% of americans have parasites in their body....their very easy to pick up, like from walking barefoot, eating raw or undercooked meat, even breathing in dust..so not only do the vast majority of people have parasites, but when acne is a main sympton, something which i assume you have, than chances are that you do have them" There is no evidence this poster or you has provided that proves "80% of american have par
  9. ***EDIT**** Just kidding girls! I was saying how it did nothing, but i just got my period so thats why my skin was so not-so-good the past week, now it always gets much better. Combined with ACV, now maybe itll be excellent. And to the last poster: I read that article, its good, and I eat plenty of citrus, berries, purple grapes, green/white tea, but that doesnt seem to help. Its also nuts that I read white tea is good for skin, and started drinking it daily 2 years before I got the skin
  10. I appreciate your reply, but the whole point of this was to take ACV in a yummier normal way, so it isnt disgusting ie. drinking it. and I eat it with a shitload of spinach on top tomatoes cukes and its wheat, and subs are my favorite food so itd just be psycho to give up bread, my friends would think id taken leave of my senses
  11. Yes, Ive been meaning to throw this out there! I used to lovve oil & vinegar on my turkey subs, and I was thinking maybe you could use olive oil & ACV instead! What do you guys think? FYI: I just did it for lunch. tried not to use too much vinegar, everyone says how its dangerous to drink it undiluted, so I didnt douse the bread, and drank a lot of tea in between bites. It didnt taste as good as the standard stuff somehow but it was ok....still not sure if this counts (it kinda absorbed
  12. "I read that some worms love the smell of milk so much that they will come out of your body if you take a milk bath while doing the cleanse. They actually hate garlic as much as my tincture. If you have cravings for bad foods, it is the parasites trying to get you to stray from your diet. The worst part is knowing that 80% of humans are active carriers" hahaahahhh!! holy crap i just laughed my ass off. hmm maybe the parasites even own stock in taco bell so when i always crave that, the
  13. For generally healthy people vitamins are a waste of money. unless you have some specific condition, only get vitamins from the original foods they come in, not isolated. For real, I hate people to waste money.
  14. I just wanted to say this is a great question! With our whole economy in the sh**er everyones having a rougher time paying for food. Especially students, and people who cant find jobs. Im right there with ya, my school messed up my student loans and I havent gotten any in months, I now only have 87 bucks to my name and have been buying regular cheap food (no more trader joe's even) but get like a weird feeling whenever i eat some regular strawberries or whatever you know, like its gonna be bad
  15. IT just occured to me after reading here I might have this. My mom has a bright red face all the time, it really upsets her. Mine isnt like that, but its pinkish most of the time and splotchy, and always irritated directly above my lips. Those red marks have been there for years, forever. My skin is kind of thick in places, not a normal texture, one of the symptoms. But then again could be 'post breakout redness'... all these symptoms run into each other. good thing you guys are experts! Oh,