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  1. DAY 8 Side effects starting to come up, I have dry eyes and dry skin and occasional headaches too. But it is bearable and only 2 to 3 new breakouts on my back these days, I think things are going pretty well. =D By the way, I think I experienced some mood swings lately, dunno if its the tane or just because of my heavy stress these days.
  2. DAY 4 Still not experiencing any kind of side effects, just feel like I have to drink more water sometimes. My back has a minor breakout in day 2, but has improved a bit today, if this is an IB then I think I'm pretty ok with it =D Anyway I think it's still too early to say anything about this drug....let's wait and see, but I'm optimistic! The zits on my face has gone down a bit and also my chest.
  3. Hi this is Ken from Hong Kong . 19/M. I guess I'll just make it short, cuz I know everyone who starts accutane must have been suffering from this a long time, me too. I have been suffering from stubborn moderate to severe body acne since I was 13 or 14. And the situation on my face has also worsen since last year or so, so I guess my face is mild to moderate right now. man sometimes I really hate myself I have basically tried all the otc products and I've been on doxy for 1.5 year then I s
  4. I don't recommend you to do so, cuz I've tried that b4. Years ago I was on doxy and I took 30mg zinc each day, later my stomach was reli fxxxed up as they are too strong for my stomach to handle. Most of all, I wasn't actually seeing much progress back then when I was taking both of them.
  5. Congratulations~ it feels really great when you wake up in morning and you find that there's no new pimples on your back, I hope you'll clear up 100% very soon. Just keep coming back and tell us about your new progress!
  6. I never wear anything that will show my chest or back, and that's why I've not gone swimming for six years....I hope all these will end someday~
  7. I'm having these stubborn white spots on my body too, they have been here like for a year, and sometimes they itch....I wonder if they'll fade away as time passes...
  8. I've pretty much tried everything on my body except Accutane (I'm really afraid of those side effects), and when I stopped taking doxy 3 months ago, my acne was like gone crazy, I think there were almost 20 different sized pimples on my back when it was real bad. Then my mum forced me to visit the Chinese medicine doctors because she thought that herbs are milder than antibiotics, and I have to admit that doxy and zinc supplement had made my digestive system really funky and sensitive. I wasn
  9. This girl is strong, and I dun think she looks bad at all, she shines from the inside. I hope she can live a normal life like she wants.
  10. Thanks for the replies, I've started to take some b-complex vitamins, and I hope there'll be positive results~ for those who are viewing this post and considering taking antibiotics, just wanna say that I think they do more harm than good, these pills can really mess up your body. So don't take it for such a long time like me!
  11. I've been taking doxy 100mg for nearly a year, along with zinc and niacin supplement, but as I figured out that they really messed up my stomach and some other internal problems, I was off from them 2 weeks ago. But I found out lately that my hair is significantly losing, like more than 10 on my pillow when I wake up, and they keep shedding when I wash my hair, I wonder if it's the long term doxy cause the hair loss problem, do anyone share the same situation with me? I really wanna know what i
  12. I would lead a very happy life because I would not spend hours in worrying about how bad my acne can get, I would not have to control my diet too. That's too far away from me now... My life is so fucked up now!
  13. I'm glad that u've reached this stage, congratulations how I wanna get nearly cleared just like u!! Acne is killing me now.
  14. I totally understand how u feel, because this is what I'm going through exactly~ I haven't go to swim for like 4 to 5 years, because of all those breakouts, I've been wanting to wear tank tops for ages but I just can't because my chest and back look and feel really horrible. whenever my friends ask me to swim, I simply tell them I don't like swimming, and I'll just sit beside the pool or on the beach to chat with other friends who also don't like swimming...and u can actually do lots of things