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  1. My problem is usually non-inflammed acne, clogged pores and blackheads but once a month I will get two to three deep, inflamed, painful nodules/cysts/bumps usually on my lower cheeks. I've recently tried the OCM because my skin is super oily and had good results.....so here's the question: right now i'm broken out with 4 ugly, swollen bumps.....is OCM a no-no right now????
  2. When I run my finger along my cheek I can feel several of these hard bumps forming below the surface. They're kinda noticeable but not red or swollen...but I know the POTENTIAL to develop into something nasty is there.... I know squeezing them is bad...so, what works on these below the surface bumps????
  3. Hi, MAYBELLINE PURESTAY POWDER FOUNDATION -- I Looooove it! SPF 15, Fragrance free and doesn't clog pores, it gives good coverage of marks and makes skin look smooth.
  4. Good question! lol...and you're quite right....I've just realized perhaps I sound a little odd for trying this.....Actually, I read the good reviews about the Avon peel and have ordered it. I HAVE been using Neutrogena's Pore Refining Toner and this is where I really saw how much my skin was improving with glycolic acid....so much so that I'm craving better results....hence the ordering of the peel...hence the trying of the brown sugar until it arrives. The toner does help with the scabs and
  5. Ok...so ive started leaving on for longer....as much as an hour..... also added more water and blended it more to get it more syrupy like and easier to apply...(too much water though and you'll get a sticky mess running down your face and neck). Ive got to say my skin does feel incredibly soft after I rinse it off. I'll continue to use and see if does anything for my brown marks....I do wish someone else would try this too along with me ....
  6. Ok, so raw brown sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid. My brown marks are not very dark but still noticeable. I've decided to try this mask: add a few drops of water to a small handful of raw brown sugar (I bought the coarse, unprocessed kind). Enough to melt it a little bit.... It will stay a bit grainy but this is fine since it also feels like a scrub as you rub it on. It feel sticky and bit syrupy...I leave it on for 15 minutes then scrub lightly as I wash it off. I've done this t
  7. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. A co-worker of mine recommend Nicel Night Renew alpha hydroxy & aloe cream. Has anyone ever heard of it? Moreover, has anyone had good results with it?
  8. o.k. so I finally gave in to the pressure from fam and friends and went to a derm yesterday. I gotta say right off I didn't like the bitch one bit. To me she didn't even really look at my skin or listen much...and just started prescribing away. I got the feeling she was happy to squeeze as much $$$$ from me as possible. (I've been struggling for months trying to pin down a good regimen for myself and while i've had good results, I still continue to get breakouts and worse - ugly brown spots
  9. What about just reducing the amount of BP? Would that also trigger a breakout? I've been using about 4 months now and it's really worked for me. I was just thinking of cutting down my application to only at night time....then I read this thread... *sigh*
  10. i'm planning to start moisturizing with glycerin diluted with water. This will be my first attempt with a moisturizer because I am completely afraid of moisturizers. I need to know how to use in combination with bp. Can I apply the glycerin after BP?
  11. i used to get this burning and stinging a lot at first. But after a month or so I guess my skin adjusted, now it only stings or burns if I end up sweating. Since I live in hot, humid conditions I also apply less in the morning and avoid areas around my nose and mouth. Overall, though, the stinging and burning lessens with time.
  12. I've been looking around a bit on previous posts for a direct answer about Rosewater and Glycerin. QUESTIONS: Do either of these clog pores? I've read where glycerin is used a moisturizer with water and where it's mixed with rosewater. Does anyone know which combo is better? Does the rosewater alone moisturize?? I love the idea of smelling all rosey! But mainly I just need to know if either of these will clog pores...
  13. Something that covers acne marks? I'm always searching for new concealers/foundations to cover up....I've gotta try this girl!
  14. I love this idea....oxygen does kill acne... so it's worth a shot. Blast away acne with air! Oh! Where can you buy "oxygen sprays"???
  15. I posted a reply a short while back on another thread about this same concern... I'm 30 and so I expect to start seeing a line or two but I think BP has made them worse. I've been using it consistently for close to 3 months now and I can see that my forehead lines are deeper and more noticeable. I have crows feets by my eyes and laugh lines around my mouth!!! At 30!!! Around my eyes are the worse... underneath is all creasey. My skin looks awful: dry and saggy looking and dull. *sigh* I