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  1. So i heard diaper rash cream can shrink a cystic pimple because of the zinc oxide. anyone tried this.. In the past what has helped is coconut oil spot treatment (take about a week), garlic use spot treatment (3 days but be careful too much causes blistering of skin), and alcohol (same as garlic), drinking lots of water, taking zinc..castor oil spot treatment (helped bring to head in a day), certain brands of calamine lotio, prevention through taking care of my body. not masterbating (lol seri
  2. I've dealt with this many times and seriously the only thing that has helped was a better diet. I would tell you mines but the cause of acne is different for everyone. Get to know your body. start listing what foods you eat, how much water you drink, sleep, stress level, masterbating often? (i know, but for real), check google for glycemic index lists and see what types of GI level foods you are eating. but if you don't want to do the self work and just wanna know whats up, do this but keep i
  3. Then maybe it's time for those doctors to start reading some studies for a change. Anyone saying that diet has absolutely no impact on acne, is wrong. Diet impacts everything, including acne. Myth #2: Acne is caused by diet. Extensive scientific studies have not found a connection between diet and acne. In other words, food does not cause acne. Not chocolate. Not french fries. Not pizza. Nonetheless, some people insist that certain foods affect their acne. In that case, avoid those foods. Besid
  4. what if your acne is not external but internal? I think going caveman only works if acne is minor and only a result of cosmetic or facial regimen crap..if its hormonal then I do not think you will get much results..idk..lemme know
  5. organic coconut oil is antifungal and antibacterial. so no he's not feeding surface bacteria. Also studies have shown that the same P.acnes bacteria that everyone thinks causes pimples is also found on the faces of clear skin people...so hmmm..all the bacteria hype is pretty much a myth.. Pillbug the only thing i would caution is to make sure you clean all the oil off well. too much of both oils will clog pores and cause inflammation=acne.as many as well as myself have experienced...so less
  6. do you have any before pics
  7. smoze2

    -works like it says -results in 24 hours -easy to use -great quick fix - chemicals - whitens fabrics - pricey - doesn't get to root of the problem -will not help in long term -used this in the past and didn't work. usually topical chemical don't work for me unless i am eating somewhat healthy -had great skin for a while by taking care of my body but in the past couple months i been eating lots of fast food, decreasing water, etc and well had ugly nas
  8. smoze2

    i guess according to posts it clears acne -antiseptic -kills cells -chemical -not getting to root of problem which is internal. Ok guys didn't know if you know this but this is no different from alcohol, BP, butt creme, hydrocortizone, or any other antiseptic germ killing chemical you put on your face.You might as well put on clorox. Yes it will clear you up but what it does is kills your skin cells so in the long run you are doing more damage to yourselfs. just thoug
  9. i commented on your last post...since your acne seems totally hormonal. add vitamin b 50 complex...and be patient.seriously not taking zinc for a day or two is not likely to affect you. the sugars...no no no...suger raised glucose levels in the blood. your body reacts by increasing insulin output. high levels of insulin cause androgen release...androgens=ance, caffiene also does this to your body. any high glycemic food will. I always break out after sweets. Stay vegetarian there are v
  10. take a deep breath. be patient. aim to love and take your body, is the main thing to remember and to keep as your mantra. the rest will follow.
  11. I felt the same way but you won't have to forever if you start on a good regiment now. Also, all my friends who had clear skin and didn't have a regiment and ate like shit, broke out later in life, had aging skin earlier than most, and either had another serious health ailement. The scary part, is because their skin is good they dont know the damage they are doing till its too late. You can. Your skin is crying and telling you that something is wrong internally. Read my blog it will help. but
  12. smoze2

    Coconut oil

    awww shit my other comment didnt go...here i know your post is from dec. sorry for the delay. hope things got better if not heres some tips: 1. your body tends to get used to antibiotics so i don't know what you gonna do when it stops working 2. antibiotics kills natural bacteria which is also necessary for clear skin so make sure you get acidophilus 3. your are pretty much poisoning your body so you need to cancel the effects of the SIT (self induced testosterone). -healthy diet. cut out
  13. smoze2

    Coconut oil

    also try licorice and cinnamon tea
  14. smoze2

    Coconut oil

    If you go on antibiotics. make sure you take acidophilus cuz antibiotics kills off your natural bacteria. also your body will get used to the antibiotics so after a while if you haven't noticed you're gonna need something else. I know you posted in Dec. How is your bacne now...if you still need tips here: to counteract the negative effects of steriods or whatever testosterone you use: - take your vitamins especially A (40,000iu), E (400iu), C (1000mg 3x/day), B 50 complex, Zinc (50), take t
  15. smoze2

    Day 30

    try licorice root tea. it blocks dht is which is the hormone within the skin that causes acne and pattern baldness in males and females. licorice extract is also available at health food stores. but you can get it at any chinese market...just ask for licorice root. or licorice root tea. cheap. works fast. only side effect: more energy and may increase blood pressure so not good if you have hypertension.