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  1. Alright I have couple of marks on my face from where dead skin use to be and they are lighter then the rest of my brown skin. I wanna know how to get these marks darker so they a blend in with the rest of my skin tone. Can somebody help me out will it even out over the summer due to the sun what can I do?
  2. Thanks angelj for the advice, if it don't be straight in a week or so I'm a go to patient first.
  3. Man, thurday I was at school rubbing my eye are cause it seem like it is was rough and dry like the feeling I get on the side of my nose. When I got home I noticed that it was a red area directely slanting my eye area. I know it ain't suppose to be like that cause it looks different then my other eye area. I told my grandma and she said it's because of my cold and the cold area. She said it a come back. I don't know I'm scared I don't want to be stuck wearing glasses. What do ya'll think this is
  4. Same thing with me right now I have this red mark where I peeled alot of dead skin off of and I'm hoping new skin will form there. It's pink now I'm hoping the color will hurry up and fade for it to blend in with the rest of my skin color. I'm putting alot of moisturizure on it. I'm hoping I'll be straight before Christmas or at least before New Year's.
  5. It hurts to know that if I didn't have all these dark marks I'll be straight. I got these dark marks mostly on my forehead and they are from acne marks that turn dark black why I don't know. I'm lightskin so it's very noticeable and I just wish I had a even complextion can somebody tell me how I can get rid of these dark mark patches whatever you wanna call them.
  6. I got one main red mark that I had since the summer and it just won't go away. So I'm wondering if anybody had any red marks that they got rid of and what did you use. I set up a derm appointment last week but that ain't until Febuary so I'm trying to improve my marks as much as possible before that long time comes. So can anybody help me out?
  7. I got this mark thats black and it looks all peely so everytime I peel the top layer of the dead skin off it comes back and I wanna know how do I keep this dead skin from forming over and over again?
  8. The exact same thing happened to me. Over the summer I had a pimple on my cheek and me being the dum person that I am I picked it. It then scabbed up then when the scab came off it was a red spot. So I went to the doctor and he gave me something that helped it a little but not really I'm light skin and that red spot is still there and I'm mad about that I don't know what to do about it so dog we basically in the same boat. If you find something that works let me know. Or if anybody know what to
  9. can't somebody help me what's best for this spot?
  10. It just want go away first it was a pimple and I dried it up and the skin peeled off. Now it's a red circle that's smooth. I tryed putting some fading cream on it but it just made it darker I don't know what to do it just gets me so frustrated and mad. I don't know what to do about it to make it turn brown like my skin color. Can anybody help me out?
  11. I had a pimple and put this stuff on it that made it dry out and the skin peeled off so I put moisturizer there and it came back as a dark spot. I put make up there which do no good when I got home from school it peeled of to the flesh and today I notice it had scabbed up is that a good thing? Is it gone come back to normal what's under the scab I want to pick it but then I don't any advice?
  12. Couple of weeks part of my cheek peeled off and it left a open piece of skin layer. I moisterized it up and unforuntatly the spot came back dark black why I don't know. What can I use to get rid of it?
  13. On my cheek I got this mark that's dead and flakey and some of it has peeled off on the outside but on the inside it's flakey and I'm trying to get that layer of skin off. Can anybody help me out?
  14. I went over my girl house yesterday and got hickies all over my neck from her biting me how can I get rid of them quick. My girl said she bit me like a vampire and it does look crazy like a real bad rash. Help me out.
  15. I got a new pimple like Monday and then dried it out and then that part kinda scabbed up and peeled off today leaving a light smooth red mark. I don't know I can't describe it. I don't know what to do first I try to treat pimples and it turns into a disaster. Now I think I should have just let it be. I gotta figure out how to get rid of this mark dam. I got two other pimples that dried out to and now they look like a smushed down circle I wonder am I gone end up with the same results I don't kno
  16. Thanks Ebby for your help but I just need to know one thing what is glutathione or do anybody know any other solutions?
  17. Aight I finally decided that I'm not gone keep picking my pimples since my brown complextion has came back alot due to the sun. I'm a little happy to coause that was like the first time I got some sun all summer and it helped bring my complextion back alot. I'm not gone live out there though being insides cool. Anyways I'm trying to stop my habbit of popping my pimples and I wanted to know what ya'll put on huge pimples. I got like 2 that are active. I'm thinking about trying neoporsin since I r
  18. Help bring my skin complextion back cause I'm brown skin with a few discolored marks and got the Aloe Vera.
  19. Man I don't care what ya'll saw when you have discolored marks that's different from your surrounding skin that is the worse. I got three red marks on my skin when my surrounding skin is brown. How do I get that brown complextion back. It got me frustrated I wish they would hurry up and fade. Any advice?
  20. ridah


    If I was you I would put neosporin on it even though sometimes I picked scabs when I shouldn't.
  21. I figure I asked cause I aint't going to the store for a while and I need some home remedies to help my marks.
  22. I just got a mark on my cheek from a pimple disaster it dried out too much to the point where the skin started peeling off and it's red from where it was a little scabbed. How can I get rid of the redness quick. Dam sometimes I wanna cry and I wish I had a time machine to do my teenage years over.