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  1. Mizzbuddy…you are defiantly my Spiro buddy! How interesting that we have all of those similarities. I can only hope that since our skin (and ages..I'm 36) seem to be similar, I will find the success you have had. Right now, its seems so grim. I am breaking out almost to the point of my initial IB, but this time, it is taking the form cysts all around my chin. There seems to be no end. I’m wondering if it had anything to do with upping my dosage about three weeks ago from 100 to 125. I
  2. Thank you for your reply. I do definitely know the pregnancy risk factors, so we are making sure it does not happen. Sprio is not a drug on which one would want to become pregnant. Thanks, though! My Doctor says the highest they will go up to in dosage is 150mg. I hope I can stay at 125, but I will do 150 if necessary. After that, I guess I may be out of luck. (
  3. Oh the frustration! I am about 2 ¾ months into Spiro treatment. I started out at 50, bumped up to 100 a month later, and have been on 125 for about 2 weeks. Last week at this time, my skin looked great. I was so happy, thinking that finally, the worst was over. Since that time, several things have intervened, one of which is my own dumb fault. The first thing that happened was that when I kissed a friend of mine hello who had a goatee, where his beard rubbed against my chin started itchin
  4. Me too!! Well, I'm in a similar situation. I'm just about through my third month, and although the rest of my face looks good, (I had mild/moderate but STUBBORN acne) I am still breaking out in terrible cysts all around my chin. I never really had this problem before. It definitely coincides with my period, which I am now getting every 3 weeks! ( I was going to start a new topic about it, so that some of the Spiro veterans might be able to advise.
  5. I began taking Spiro just about 2 months ago. I began at a 50 mg does for 3 1/2 weeks, and since July 25th, have been on 100 mg. I'm going through all of the seeming common "growing pains" associated with Spiro, but I'm not sure if this is part of it. Both when I started and then when I increased my dosage, I noticed that there was a definite reduction in oil. It was never completely gone, but it was enough for me to notice, even in the hot and humid weather. My skin was much less oily, as
  6. Has anyone every tried Afterglow mineral makeup? I seem to recall a thread on here some time ago, but I cannot locate it. After reading all of the good buzz about Everyday Minerals, I decided to try a sample kit. I was lucky right off the bat with finding a great match for my skintone, but I have a sneaking suspicion it is beginning to break me out. I was using it mainly on my nose, so as to have a concentrated area on which to see if it caused a reaction. Over the past week, I've gotten ab
  7. I, too, have many bumps along my upper lip, as well as below the corners of my mouth. They are driving me crazy, for while they are not turning into inflamed acne, neither are they going away! My topical treatment (Carley's Clear and Smooth) does not "allow" for any other topical treatments, and I am trying to be good and stick with that dictate. It is supposedly the best way for the Carley's to truly work. However, I'm pining for some salicylic acid! ) On August 30th, I will have been on
  8. The only thing I have noticed with alcohol and Spiro is that I tend to get more dehydrated more easily. This goes along with Spiro being a diuretic. About a week after I started taking it, and I was only at 50 mg at this point, I went out for drinks with an old friend. I had 2 gin and tonics, which normally, I'd hardly even feel. However, I got very tipsy VERY quickly. I all of a sudden felt it about halfway thought my second drink. The next morning, I was as hung over as if I had been out
  9. Hi all, Though I'm familiar with the cheeks, chin, and jawline being target spots for hormonally induced acne, I was wondering if the upper lip "mustache" area is a target as well. Since starting Spiro 6 weeks ago, this area has been out of control for me! I can't seem to get it to clear, and I am getting terrible red marks. Its making me crazy. Has anyone else had a similar experience in this area? Thanks very much.
  10. Thanks for all of the input. So help me, all of this suffering had better result in wonderful skin! I am trying to focus on that, for if I concentrate on what's happening now, I will make myself crazy. I had been taking the Doxycycline 100mg for a week when I noticed a reaction that I have gotten before. For the past few years, any time I've taken a "cline" (tetracycline, minocycline) antibiotic, I have broken out in an acne like rash, usually on my chest. This confused me, as weren't antib
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new here, having read the boards for sometime now before posting. Because I've read just about everything I can find about Spiro and its effects, I know there are several posts about initial breakouts. I'm trying to absorb as much info as I can on this particular topic, for I am dealing with what I *think* is a terrible IB from Sprio. A quick history of me...I just turned 36, and have been dealing with moderate acne, occasional cysts, and extremely oily skin since I was a