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  1. yes! it helps so much with inflammatory acne, it helps to calm it down and by the next day it looks much smaller. it also helps bring it to a head so the BP can get rid of it. automattox thanks so much for all the help. I think i'll go at this for another month or so and see if there are any results otherwise...well i really don't know
  2. it says you "ice your skin" at night. Do you recommend that? and I also saw you use X-Trap cleaner. Thats like 40 bucks lol. Is that good?
  3. I apply it morning and night. there's no way it would've worked for me if I only applied it once a day. I don't use two pumps though, I use a pump and a half. Oh wow, too this day I've only been applying it once cause it took to long to apply it in the morning. Do you also apply Dan's moisterizer at night?
  4. oh, believe me. it was NOT always. and I'm not one of those people who whines about how horrible their skin is when they actually just have mild acne. I would have at LEAST 4 papules on each cheek, plus several pastules on each cheek and a few on my forehead or chin. occasionally I would have a few cysts on my cheeks and at one point even had some nodules. the regimen just made it get much worse for me, seriously, you can look up some of my posts about my struggles with it. I still have buttload
  5. I don't know but I really find it hard to believe YOU had the same kind of acne I have I mean...you know... you skin PERFECTLY CLEAR lol
  6. Okay This is week 5 of my DKR and NO, I repeat NO improvement. Actually its worse now than ever. If you don't believe me check out these pics: BEFORE THE DKR: (Oh yea for some reason it this forum doesn't hyperlink the images so you'll have to just copy the address into your address bar. Don't copy the " Now tell me what I should do.
  7. Been thinking about that too, but i am afraid something will go wrong, everything is going so perfect right now, its just unreal for me after 2 years of struggling. I will continue what i am doing now and maybe after another month ill try to add some AHA to my regimen. hey it would be great if you can include a before and after pics you happen to have any. Reason being is I want to compare my acne with yours so I can make sure it will work for me. thanks alot and oh yea congrats!
  8. hey thanks alot. what kind of acne do you think I have? I mean would you consider it severe?
  9. i don't know why, but the pics arn't showing up for some reason. But you can just copy the link into the address bar and then they work.
  10. Hello I was thinking about ordering Dan's Starter Kit, but I just had a question before I do so. Will it work for me? Here are my pics: On a side note I've been using the Nuetrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Therapy Kit and in it they provide a bottle of 2.5% BP. So I've been applying large amounts of BP at night and then washing it off in the morning. Also will Dan's Regimen reduce the red marks? Nonetheless I will still purchase Dan's Kit, if any one with similar problems like mine