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  1. im also a victim of murad. previously i used proactiv and acne free and my acne was under control. just to switch it up, i tried murad and that's where things went wrong. for the first week, my face was fine. but then during the second week, i broke out in places i've never had acne before. my skin was tight and dry and there were painful pimples everywhere. i stopped and went on doxy and am now almost clear again.
  2. update: i went to the derm and he said because of its shape (which is linear), it is definitely caused by something on the outside, meaning it is not because of food. he said that it could have been anything - lotion, cream, bp, the air, someone hitting me. he gave me desodine to reduce the inflammation (its red, but you cant feel anything) and said it should help. anyone know anything abuot desodine? thanks!
  3. update: this morning, the mark is slightly lighter, but still pretty much there. can anyone help?? thanks!!
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem and I need your help please!! So here's the story. My face was perfectly fine before I leave the house. I'm in the car for 30 min and then reach my destination. When I get there, I go to the bathroom and suddenly notice a HUGE streak of purple/brown/red on my cheek (the skin to the right of my nose) so this huge discoloration happened in 30 minutes??? the weird thing is i did touch it, i didnt feel anything, theres no active acne there, there was no discoloration at
  5. thanks. i just started ACV, so hopefully that will help. to be a bit more specific, my scars are on my temple and cheek area. i believe they are rolling, although i am not sure. they are slightly indented, thats for sure. also, they are a bit brownish in color. anyone else?
  6. Hi all, Does anyone else have slightly indented scars that are also slight brownish? can anyone help me on why this is or how to treat please? Thanks so much!
  7. switch to a gentle cleanser. and as i posted earlier, everyone has different timetables in terms of seeing results. i saw results within 2 weeks and almost completely cleared up after week 4.
  8. its different for everybody. i noticed good changes within 2 weeks. its been over 4 weeks for me and my face has cleared up. may depend on the severity of your acne, however, as mine was not that bad. but just keep at it.
  9. Hi all, I have a quick question. I started to use ACV on my brown marks. I will be doing that at night. Does anyone know if it is OK or safe to put hydroquinone in the morning on the brown marks, and ACV on at night? also, anyone else have indented scars that are slightly brown? Thanks!
  10. hi guys, i have a few questions. i took doxy briefly in 2003, but i didnt take it for long. i dont recall 100%, but i do remember it being helpful. in 2007, i took doxy again inconsistently for about a month, so i dont really remember the results. i stopped because my face was fine. anyways, ive started it again and it's been one week. do you think its possible that i am now immune to doxy? i understand that results take some time (perhaps 4-6 weeks before any noticeable changes), but is it n
  11. someone recommended that i take BOTH fish oil and flax seed oil. what do you guys think of this? and also, is it safe to take with doxycycline? thanks