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  1. Is it wise to apply Differin in the morning? Especially since it decomposes in UV light.
  2. Hi, I've been looking around the forums, but have not found many threads about the usage of Differin, and its effectiveness. So could you guys share your opinions and experiences on Differin? Thanks.
  3. Well I have really oily skin, its kind of genetic as both my parents have oily skin and skin problems, and maybe because I'm still in my teens. It doesnt help that I'm living in a country with a humid climate. I drink plenty of water, fruits and vegs, but still get that breakout. I do clean with a mild cleanser 4 times a day, but to no avail. I basically follow Dan's regimen, but has not really been helping much, still get pimples often. So i went to a dermatologist, and got some antibiotic oin
  4. Hi, I have this stubborn nodule for about 6 months, and recently it got inflamed and painful and hard to the touch. Its really annoying, I've been applying topical solutions but it just wont go down. I know I probably need surgical methods to remove it, so I tried pricking it with a needle, but pinpricks of blood and clear liquid just came out, no pus(I know this is like really bad but i was desperate). I'm not really sure what is the exact term for this, nodule/cyst, but I know it has been ther