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  1. If any of the info is wrong, then please let me know.

    I hear that there are 4 main reasons for acne:

    1. Natural Hormones

    2.Plugged Skin - skin cells

    3. Bacteria (P Acnes)

    4.Excess oil (sebum Production)

    Can you have just one of the following contributors of acne and still have acne? Or do all of the following work as a cycle to cause acne. I have excess oil on my face, could this be causing acne? Or is it not that simple?

    (To Note) My mother is 5ft. and my father 5ft 6in., i am right around 6ft. I have no family history of height in my family. Could the reason why i am fairly tall is because of my hormones as a teenager and bad case of puberty caused growth spurts? Or is it just evolution and people are just taller these days? Or is the reason of height purely have to be genetics somewhere? I think my great-grandfather was like 5-10ft, but i think this is pretty unlikely.

    Not all people who have oliy skin have acne, right?? Not all people who have abnormal hormonal activity have acne, right?? I am bit confused??

  2. Hello everybody , my question is regarding antibiotics, its been known that they become inefffective after a while because the bacteria reconizes it.

    I stopped taking minocycline in March 2002 because my acne went away, well my back broke out and he put me back on Mino June 2004. My question is 2 years enough time and break for the mino to work again, or once the antibiotic proves ineffective, its always ineffective.

    Please Respond.