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  1. May, Well i am not a girl, so that's good! Also acnesucks, you seem real knowledgeable so when you said people that are on antibiotics for awhile, then discontinue it, their skin basically stays the same. I dont get what you are saying unless it was a typo, but since anitiotics build resistance eventually, i would think that your skin would get worse after stopping the med, not stay the same.
  2. to use topical meds on your scalp and what kind. I heard Benzoyl Peroxide bleaches clothes and hairs, is this true becaue i am pretty tempted to put some on my scalp, because BP seems to work for any acne i get on my body. WIll my hair change color??????
  3. Worsen it. Also, is it true that acne can spread, meaning lets say you pick a pimple on your face and the puss is on your finger, if you use that finger and touch another part of the face that doesnt have any pimples, it can cause acne to occur. is this true?? I heard that when you leave puss on the surface of your skin, the bacteria will combine with the puss and make a pimple iS this true>
  4. what about oral antibiotics like minocycline, tetracycline, and doxycycline. Please reply
  5. people say when first using the topical med, your skin actually gets worst before it gets better because usually the the med. brings the bacteria to the surface creating pimples. Is this all topical meds, or just a few and can you list them. Does Benzoyl Peroxide do this???
  6. Actually 24withacne, i think hair loss is worse than acne because acne is temporary and usually regresses by around but not in your case unfortunately. Hair loss just progresses and gets worse as you get older, so its constantly a battle in combating hair loss if you decide to take meds for it. At least with acne there is usually hope for it dye down and eventually go away, but if someone starts loosing hair at 20, then they know it will just get worse and worse and worse, very crappy hand to
  7. Can you take 2 pills at the same time for example at night, if you miss or forget to take 1 in the morning??
  8. Antibiotics. I am on minocycline for acne on my back. Can someone list the strength of the popular antibiotics, or can they not be measured like this, because everybody is different, so what works for 1 person may not for the other. I ask this because when i first started to get acne, the derm put me on emthromycin and this did not help at all, so is it safe to say this the first line of defense towards acne and has the least strenght. This mino has been working. When i say popular antibiotic
  9. Hey, just wondering if excessive androgen hormones can be the single cause for acne in males, i know it can in women with their menstrual cycle and everything. Or can males with excessive andrgenic hormones still not have acne because they dont have the genetic predispensation (the gene for acne). Maybe having an over ambundent and excessive amount of androgenic hormones during puberty and adolescence is inherited and is genetically based. I dont know, what do you think????
  10. Hey, my derm recommended this for my skin, have any of your guys ever used this?? Please state your thoughts, i used the Aveeno oatmeal soap in the past, but they changed that soap to this. The Oatmeal soap worked pretty well, is this the Clear Complexion similar??
  11. Although i dont get bad acne on my face, i have moderate acne on my back and also i have mild scalp acne sporadically, although it seems like its worst during the winter, right now the scalp is pretty good. Do you have any suggestions for my back and head? I went to a derm. a few weeks ago concerning this and he gave me mino again and also ZoDerm 4.5% Bp. THe back is better than before so that's good. One of the other things i that i had on my mind was that i was on the mino for a year and a h
  12. I have been dealing with some mild acne on my scalp for the past year, it seems i am shedding more than i use to, it doesnt look like i am loosing any hair but it looks like there is very minor thinning in the front but that might have been the way it was before, i really never took too much notice. My 2 questions would be: What do you recommend for scalp acne _shampoo and meds. Also is it common to loose and shed hair when you have scalp acne, and it is permanent. I have heard inflammation
  13. I have been taking Minocycline recently for my back, it says that it shouldnt be taken with dairy products. DO they mean things solely made from dairy like drinking a glass of mils, or eating a piece of cheese? Or do they mean anything that consists of daily products, for example things that might consist of milk and cheese but solely by itself are not. This would be like taking cheese crackers, or a piece of cake, stuff like this. Does anybody know the reason why they say to not take dairy
  14. I have been taking Minocycline recently for my back, it says that it shouldnt be taken with dairy products. DO they mean things solely made from dairy like drinking a glass of mils, or eating a piece of cheese? Or do they mean anything that consists of daily products, for example things that might consist of milk and cheese but solely by itself are not. This would be like taking cheese crackers, or a piece of cake, stuff like this. Does anybody know the reason why they say to not take dairy
  15. I will release some info troubling and embarrassing info about myself because i think your worth telling and i will feel bettter to tell somebody. I dont take any meds for any disorders. I am not depressed but i do have anxiety and compulsions and have seen a shrink sporadically for the last 5 years but i was never given any meds because they told me my condition was not that bad. SO keep this in mind when you read it. Frances, I have another question, they saw overwashing whether it is hard
  16. THANKS for your kind thoughts 24 with acne. DO you have a family history of baldness???? I am currently a Finance Major but i am seroiusly considering changing it to pre-med and then become a doctor. Obviously, there is more to the knowledge i have learned to become a doctor. But because the info is important and relates to me, i think it might make sense to pursue medicine. I dont know, though, medicine is very complex and sometimes very hard to understand. I read articles about certain medica
  17. Thanks Frances for your kind thoughts. You opionions are sensible and many you state i agree with. My whole feeling was that acne was the single cause of my problems as a early teen and throughout high school, but i now truly think there are and were more underlyne reasons for my unhappiness maybe that will never be answered. I was never clinically depressed and dont think i was a "real mess", i was definitly functional, i did well in school and built aquaintances with many people, but i can ho
  18. I will pose this question to you also Frances since it seems you are really educated on many aspects of the body. Im 19 yrs. old and dont have any noticeable adrogenic alopecia from what i see-just the formal name for male pattern hair loss. My family history is pretty good, my father in his 50's has pretty good hair although receded a bit and only 1 of my 4 sides this including my moms parents and dads parents had bad hair, the 3 other had good hair throughout. I guess i am posing this questi
  19. I know everybody has sebum(oil) to which extent is another discussion. My oil is pretty extreme on my nose and forhead. Idont have oily cheeks and chin, in those 2 spots on my face i dont break out much, so there is definitly a correalation between oily skin and acne. This is why i dont understand someone who has oily skin and has no acne, everybody has bacteria and this bacteria (P Acnes) thrive in oily glands, that's my take on it.
  20. Hello, i am 19 and have had mild-moderate acne since 14 but one of the real problems i have is the annoying oily skin especially on my forehead and nose. Since hormones play a role in the production of sebum(oil) is it safe to say that hopefully when my hormones decrease a bit after puberty is over, my oil production will stop or at least be noticable less. Im 19, so im thinking when will my hormones activity calm down, maybe 22 or 23?? I dont know, i hope i dont have oily sking through my 20
  21. Also ,i know this is true but how are there are people who produce a high amount of sebum and have oily skin but dont have acne since most articles state this the the real definitive cause. Is there a difference between oil and sebum?? Maybe people who have oily skin and dont have acne dont have the bacteria build up (P Acnes) or the genetic presdispensation to be prone to acne, i know genes play a complex role in everybody's uniquneness.
  22. Then, since articles state androgenic hormones cause excess sebum production, thus the oily skin, is it sensible to think that people with dry skin who have acne, hormones dont play a role and is not one fo the factors causing it?? Please Answer Frances!!!!
  23. Hello, i have been reading numerous articles suggesting that the overproduction of sebum causes oily skin, thus the acne. Well, i know there are poeple with dry skin who have acne, but frankly i dont understand it from all the articles i have been reading. It seems like you need sebum to have acne, so maybe people with dry skin have sebum production but it stays underneath in the skin and never reaches the outside of the skin, the result you dont have oily skin. I dont know just a guess, is t
  24. I have acne on my back, i also have a rough time reaching all of the back. I get the shoulders and lower back but its hard to get right in the middle. My question is what do you recommend for me to wash my back. A brush, wash cloth. I would think brush would be the easiest to use and reach the tough places. BUt i am worried it will irritate and aggrivate my acne, any suggestions???????