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  1. I think the only ways to get rid of red marks or laser and time I have been struggling with red marks since age 13 and still am! I think I messed myself up by going in the sun ( I didnt know it makes red marks last longer) and Anyways I have tried EVERYTHING all the creams and home made stuff even the chemical peels! I have spent literally enough money on products that didnt Work I could of gotten at least 1 or 2 laser treatments. And time well that takes wayyy to long am I right? im not trying
  2. I heard glycolic acid peels work for red marks? if so can I hear your success with it or if It didnt work tell me, also I want to know because I might get PDL laser when I get the money but If a glycolic acid peel works I would rather do that thanks
  3. I know a guy with really bad acne he has a girlfriend she has clear skin and stuff so I dont think acne is a big excuse but then again I cant tell you if it is for you or not I guess it all depends
  4. Is fraxel and PDL the same things and do they work for red marks?
  5. What is the best food/vitamin/supplement to get rid of acne?? All these proactiv and stuff only helps while your using them! so thats not really fixing the problem.
  6. I want to get a laser for my red marks...since thats the only thing that works what is the price range?? thank you! <33
  7. I am going to a derm soon and would like to know which medication I should get for my breakouts.
  8. I am breaking out I need some good products...what keeps you clear? it could be anything I need to know what people do to stay clear as for me I used to use salicylic acid But i have no more.
  9. If hes cute a lil acne would not hurt!! I would actually feel more comfortable with him because I dont have the best skin.
  10. If a guy knows what a girl wants it dont matter what they look like!..but you gotta draw a line somewhere hehe
  11. I get SO clear when I stop drinking all my diet coke and coffee. But the thing is I can only go without it for so long I need my coffee mostly