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  1. Man, if you really want to know, do some research yourself. I am still learning everyday. Oh yeah, and my skin is clear. Lumping carnivores together and insinuating that we just like to argue is pathetic, dogmatic, stereotypical. Why not just try the diet and see for yourself? I promise, you won't turn into an arguing brute. You may start posting the benefits of meat to misguided souls who are still looking for help tho. Meat will help. I have done research myself...I'm the one wh
  2. Why is it that when someone posts about how eating red meat is wonderful, no one insists that they back up their statement with "scientific evidence" and so forth? Seems to me that all the red meat eaters just like to argue, rather than actually contribute to the thread.
  3. The only enzymes I take are Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes. I don't have any experience with powder form (sorry). I get mine at Vitamin Shoppe in store and/or online, but they are not cheap. If you are interested in another brand, I would just compare the ingredients/amount of enzymes in Source Naturals to another one that is less expensive and go from there. I hope this helps, and thanks for the kind words. Good luck man.
  4. I am more than capable of defending myself, but thanks man...I appreciate your kind words.
  5. I was not planning to post here anymore, but checked this thread again tonight and wanted to reply with the following info: GUT = the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus. Colitis may be considered "meat eater's disease." Here is what cooked red meat has going against it: it has no fiber; it is low in water; it is constipating and sticks to the walls of the colon, building up a layer of hardened plaque; it is mucus forming; its heated fats are carcinogenic; it takes
  6. It's really unfortunate that so many here are angered by the positive results I have experienced. Good luck to you all.
  7. I am not promoting a vegan diet and I never said anything about cutting back on foods that contain iodine. In regard to colonics...I have had a series of them (3) so far and they have benefitted me greatly. Again, just trying to share my experience and pass on some info. It's interesting that some individuals on here are trying everything from urine to Scotch tape to scrubbing their faces with toothbrushes, but I'm the one who is making absurd and bogus claims? If you are truly interesting i
  8. You could begin by drinking more water, aloe vera juice, and using the E.V. on your face as a moisturizer at night. Vitamin E and fish oil can also be good for dry skin. Fish oil causes me to breakout, but not everyone reacts the same way to it.
  9. You could try either Thorne Research vitamins, or Vitamin Shoppe Basic store brand multis. Neither contain any fillers, yeast, dairy, eggs, or gluten. There are plenty of others as well out there, you just have to read the ingredients carefully. Also, drinking aloe vera juice is beneficial and contains many vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
  10. I personally eat brown rice pasta on a weekly basis. You can find it at Publix, Kroger, Target, and Whole Foods.
  11. The topic of this post is the link between acne and nutrition. All of the info I have gathered is the result of research I have done, trial and error, and info that I received from my dietician, colon hydrotherapist, and my former doctor (M.D.). Just trying to help others on the board that are interested in improving their health and skin.
  12. Actually, many Christians and Muslims believe that Allah and God are the same...the dividing line has to do with the belief (or lack thereof) that Jesus is the Son of God. Regardless, I will pray for you. Good luck with the BP.
  13. Oh yeah, one more thing to add: Try praying for good health and clear skin and have faith that you will receive both. God may not snap His fingers and give you what you desire, but He may just lead you in the right direction, especially if you are a Christian.