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  1. Ah thanks for the input =), I wonder if you got it at that age because they thought it was related to your hormones though?? I read that this has two functions, disturbing the production of bacterial proteins and regulating hormonal problems.

    Hopefully it wont take that long to start working. My body is weird, if something is going to work it is different over night, but if its not going to work... even if I take something continually for weeks it seems if it doesn't do much to start it wont do anything at all ever.

    But I have a new question along with my topic question.

    Is it possible for me to continue minnocycline ALONG with clindamycin?? Take each once in the morning and once at night? Or would this be bad?


  2. So I was first prescribed Minocycline, it worked great for the first few months. Then it pretty much stopped after 5-6 months so today my Derm has prescribed ORAL Clindamycin.

    I was excited to learn that I was switching to a new prescription so I googled it, but all I can find is how it is applied topically, and only used orally for other medical reasons. Even on this website its not listed as an oral medication? ?

    Has anyone had success with the oral clindamycin? Is there any way to take it? I was also perscribed to take it in conjunction with Epiduo.

  3. Okay so for the longest time I tired and failed with over the counter meds for acne. Nothing helped and only dried my skin out. Now my acne isnt bad, I would see mild to moderate.

    However for the last 5-6 months I have had almost no acne on my face! I started using lemon juice and it got rid of about half of it, and then I started on minocycline and I was 100% around my face for entire weeks. I would then have the occasional zit but that wasnt too bad because I was 100% all the other time.

    Nothing has changed since then, I still apply lemon juice 3 times a day to the exact same spot, shave the same amount, and take minocycline twice daily. Yet I cannot slow it down anymore and its been two weeks. It started as some type of cold sore, then another then it progressed above my lip and under now I have 4-5 small and hardly inflamed zits.

    They used to not even get inflamed in the past few months, now there are small whiteheads at the top.

    Did Minocycline wear off? Did my acne become resistant to the lemon juice or the minocycline? What should I tell my derm the next time I see her?

    I hate this because if I ever broke out it went away within a week but I still keep getting new spots every other day and they are going from non inflamed to small painless whiteheads.

    Is it just a phase? Will I ever return back to how I was? Help please =(

  4. Okay I started using lemons to treat my acne. I used to always get it around the mouth or under the chin. Lately it is completely changing and I am becoming distressed.

    Since I started using lemons topically and to digest, my acne seems to look better. But now I have few small zits on both sides of my cheeks and I have a blackhead or two and a zit on my nose.

    I don't know what is happening! I don't get any white heads when using lemons but it looks like non inflamed acne now instead of white heads.

    It seems like its helping around the mouth but in the nose area it has by far gotton worse, especially on the cheeks where there used to be nothing.


    Should I stop using lemons? They are the only thing that seem to not only flatten, but stop all white heads from appearing. But there is still red marks which usually dont stay around long.

    Plus now slowly but steadily I am getting smaller pimples on each cheek.

    I have gotton a new shaver lately too but I stopped using it now that this has happened. I popped one whitehead on my cheek but now that a few more have appeared I dont even touch them. What should I do!?!!!!

    Lemons are the only thing that have stopped my white heads but I don't know if its making my skin worse. It doesn't even burn.

  5. I decided to try lemon juice, cause in theory it sounds great and BP and SA seem to do crap for me.

    It has gotton excellent reviews on this website, so I tried it topically and digesting it.

    Past 3 days I have put it on my face once. My face is slightly cracked, not bad at all, on the bottom left of my mouth where there was a rather consistent amount of acne. It is also peeling somewhat.

    But this is okay because the lemon has actually worked in stopping whiteheads (I think).

    I don't know what exactly is going on. Right now my skin feels flawless, except for where it is a little dry in that one area. But the red marks in those areas are the same. Is this scaring? My acne on my face has never been more than moderate. My face feels so smooth and I havent had any new whiteheads in the area. But yet its still red down there, except for in a mirror with yellow lighting, up close it looks alot better. Flourescent, not so much.

    Is it healing? Also how do I cover up flaking? Help please.

    By the way I recommend this.

  6. Well thats where its a little different for me. I don't look bad in almost all lightning anymore, including sunlight.

    I actually think I am looking better since Ive been using these bp wipes, even though the acne amount is still there, I think it got rid of some of the redness or something, or I am fearing I am just losing my mind on whats good and bad anymore.

    All I know is I look in most mirrors and although I still have mild to mod acne around my mouth, I think I still look good. But that camera.... Was like HD acne. Even acne that wasnt at the surface showed which killed me. People with cystic and very mod acne and up wouldn't even continue to take those after seeing them.

    Thanks for the help though guys, really.

  7. Hmmm. Okay. Well my skin now started to get really dry, so I just haulted thigns until tommorow when it wont hurt it again.

    What should I use for acne around the mouth, with mainly pustules or whiteheads? 2.5% sa scrub or 2.5% BP wipes?

    And someone earlier told me using the two together wouldn't be bad... oh well.

    I think its kind of funny, before I knew anything about acne I used to try to wash with hand soap two or more times a day, and it was so powerful sometimes my skin was 100% clear, then it got insanely dry and I had to stop. Thats the only luck with anything I've ever had, other than the sun which seemed to not only tan the skin but kill acne and its hardly returned.

    Figures the two highly unreccomended thigns are the only ones that have worked for me...

    Anyway, What should I use for acne around the mouth, with mainly pustules or whiteheads? 2.5% sa scrub or 2.5% BP wipes?

    Please give me the best combination with water or what type of moisturizer for a new better regimine for my type of acne. Thank you.

  8. don't put that on your face! it may make you break out more! what's your daily skin routine?

    I didnt think it was good =(. 2.5% sa wash in the morning after shower, then apply 2.5% bp. At night, was face with just water, reapply 2.5% sa and 2.5% BP. Repeat Daily.

    Please help =(

  9. I thought my skin had cleared up. I went into a public bathroom and man florescent lighting is the worst. Every single pored looked clogged and my face appeared really red.

    George Carlin does a joke about florescent lighting saying when you look in the mirror you suddenly see every pimple you've ever had in your life time.

    Lol, thats what I am talking about though. You seem clear in one mirror, then... sigh.

  10. I can't possibly see how it could help but if it does, well that's pretty amazing! :) But I hope you aren't damaging your tongue, 5 minutes seems an awfully long time to brush it for!

    I can see how, people are also saying that acne around the mouth can be caused by drool. Even around the cheeks it is plausible because if you drool on the pillow and your face gets on it it can happen that way rather than just running down your mouth.

  11. My face is starting to show signs its going to turn red and irritated. Its slightly burning, especially when BP or SA are applied, and its starting to tighten.

    Would it be okay if I just put something called "Dry Skin Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion" says "With Vitamans A & E Heals Dry Skin" and go without BP or SA for a day without ruining my regimine? I think I might just was my face two or so times instead. Opinions?

  12. But then again the whole concept of difference comes into mind since some of my friends and I have conversations about.. of how like tastebuds are different or if you see colors different.

    Its really hard to explain like what you see as purple is actually red, but its purple because thats what people have told you your entire life.. you know what I mean? I dont know.. its really hard to explain.. and it doesnt actually have that much relevance other than people could see you differently... then how other people see you =s

    No I get that, especially in the psychological sense where one won't really perceive the acne or associate it with you as much as others.

    But I still am confused as to which light or which mirror is who I am. If its the camera I will just die.

  13. Interesting, that was my moms excuse but I didn't think she knew anything, neither parents had bad acne.

    She said "well what do you expect with such a high power flash" because the pictures had at least bulbs aside from the camera flashing from different angles.

    I got dominated =.=

    Actually, I'm pleased to tell you that you're mom's wrong :angel: The 'power' of the flash lighting isn't what does it, it's more the softness, harshness, angle etc of the light.

    I know for myself that full on hard sunlight, of all things, directly in my face makes me look my best surprisingly. It fills in all the pores etc with light (if it's at the correct angle; otherwise it can suck if it's from the side...), also it gives me cheekbones :razz: .

    Yeah actually same here, when I go out in the sun without a shirt when nobody is around, just for a little bit. It seriously does wonders for my back acne, I'm actually considering getting a sunburn on my back. Alot of people don't reccomend this at all, I know, but when my arms which each had acne on the sholder area got suburned... the acne has hardly even returned and is hardly even visible and that area is tan now.... Plus the acne on my back isnt even active so yeah.

    But if anyone knwo why my face has been burning, from what I described above, your input is appreciated.

    Also, thanks Jay for your input. It does make sense, but I think what she meant was how like bright as in that intensity such as a florescent light is pretty intense compared to a house light in that way.

  14. But for me, its so strange its like some sort of curse.

    Car mirror, Store mirrors, yellow and white light I look okay.

    But that fucking camera, that camera just shattered me. We were picking out which ones were good which ones were bad, I just basically stayed out of it because I was so bias looking at my acne I wanted to delete them all.

    I just don't understand why it is so different for cameras I didn't even look the same in those pictures it infuriated me.

    EDIT: Can someone tell me why my face is starting to feel slight burning? On touch it feels like perfect skin, in the mirror it looks flat, not cracked nor dry just red in the occasional spot (NOTE: I have dealt with BP burning my skin before so I know what it looks like) but my skin looks like it normally does, but for some reason its been slightly burning.

    I guess my acne has been improving lately, but for some reason although it shows no physical signs I feel a slight burn in some areas.

    To be honest I will gladly deal with it and much worse if it means things will get better. But does anyone know why its doing this? I am using 2.5% SA and BP once in the morning once at night.

  15. Okay, I am almost getting exhausted from my mood swinging around so much so fast.

    The other day, I flirted with this hot girl and txted her and she was actually into what I was doing and asked about my plans and things like that so I was incredibly ecstatic.

    I haven't had a decent girlfriend in a very long time. The fact she was so good looking is overwhelming.

    Anyway. The next day I learn my senior pictures are scheduled which is now today. So I became worried about my acne, but from the mirror it doesn't look bad. In almost all mirrors I can live with it and I was becoming confident. No matter what the lighting I still looked good, and in most mirrors.

    Now Senior pictures came. It was a nightmare. She showed me the pictures and the acne was so obvious, I just wanted to quit. It's funny too, because the first round of pictures were halfway nice, then when I saw how much acne was appearing on my face, and everything else that looked COMPLEETELY different from the mirrors, I died a little inside literally =.=

    Makes me wonder what people actually see when they look at me.

    So I want to know if anyone has noticed this? How the mirrors, even when close up, don't look all that bad no matter what the lighting, but then pictures come and it is just fucking asinine.

    Which one do I even look like in real life? I don't even know.

  16. Bump!!!

    I need help, I have been using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide wipes, and my face has smoothed and cleared pretty good, feels nice and isnt overly dry and just a very very tad bit tight when I move my mouth around but hardly noticeable.

    Now though, around my mouth there are a few strong new pustules that are white and completely red and it is so obvious I was going to go clothes shopping tomorrow but if its anywhere the same as it is now I'm staying home all day without a doubt.

    I want to know if this is suppose to happen when using BP? Will it go away soon? Im trying so hard not to pop anything but by doing so I will not even go outside. I am so happy I didn't work today its disgusting. Only a few pustules too but its so big and obvious FUCK.

    So like I said before, should I stop or whats going on I really need advice.

  17. Ok thanks, anymore comments appreciated. When I posted that, my acne had 4-5 bad white heads around my mouth. Yesterday I was good, and today I have more new ones under my nose between my mouth.

    Gotta love the fucking acne rollercoaster, always takes my self esteem on ride with it. Happy one day, dont wanna go out in public the next. **%(*@@%(*@(%*!%()!)%()(%!(!%)(!%

  18. I used to believe I have at least moderate acne on my face, I know I used to have severe on my back, its moderate now with many scars.

    Comared to some others acne, mine is easily mild. I am able to take phone camera pictures without many red spots, and unless its on a bad day, theres only redness in normal pictures.

    Pictures wont work on here for some reason, I'll prove it by putting IMG tags around both of them:

    Picture one: l_8edf75a0ca8f36023a21baf1f5b816af.jpg

    Picture two: l_ce7e61bc5e5b41b3008b6633be5133bd.jpg

    For relevancy, I believe that although many have it much worse than me I have felt the same as them many times. And for those who only have the occasional zit, there are those who have felt just the same as those with severe cysts.

    My point in saying this is not physical but mental, make sure you never stop trying. When you stop trying, you get depressed about not trying anymore and that things aren't fixing it, and that you have it and others don't and all the normal depression we've all had. This is just more stress.

    Find things to do, to occupy your time instead of worrying about it, especially late at night, just go to bed early if you start to worry and start off a new day and see if you have progressed with it. If not, you have the whole day ahead of you, take care of your time not your acne. I know many people have said this, but when you worry about it and things cant be done at the time, it only makes acne worse because acne can be a far more devastating emotional problem then physical in the long run. Not to mention the fact I've just become infuriated and started popping whatever I could so there was no more white **** around my face which just made things much worse. You only have one life, to give it away to something like this and then regret it makes acne so volatile.

    I think it is very important to get the warning out on how deadly to your life acne can be if you give it too much attention.

    Acne will take away your physical attractiveness, and your confidence. So instead of regretting staying inside, and giving away the majority of your life to it, at least enjoy or make use of the parts that only you can take away.

    This doesn't come from just me, but friends as well and how I have watched many of them waste their lives and how many people in magazines and on here tell of how acne controlled so many years... Do your best to fight it and never give in.

    I need help too if anyone wants to look at my post in Moderate acne, I would appreciate it alot.

  19. Okay my acne has just progressed the past two years until its out of control on my back, top of my arms, shoulder, chest, and mouth/nose area.

    My back is pretty bad because I never cared I only picked at it and it became worse, I am going to see a dermatologist for it in a few months. I would see its a little less then severe now. But I only want help with my face because I have actually had some success in the back and arms area.

    I have tried treating it with multiple things, burned my face, dried and cracked it severely little success. I used to use hand soap to try to get rid of it. My face has indistinguishable acne because it is always changing, from almost moderate to nothing, like a roller coaster.


    Anyway, recently I have purchased two things for my FACE acne ONLY. I only want help with my face =)

    Benzoyl Peroxide wipes 2.5%

    Sylilc Acid face wash (comes in like a soap dispenser) 2.5% too i think

    I've been using it and not touching my face for a few days, but I want you guys expert opinion on a plan to use it, I would REALLY appreciate it.

    So far I have been waking up, shower, wipe face with benz perox. End of the day, wash with sylilic acid and I just repeat.

    Please fix my regimine to the best you guys think it could work! I appreciate it!