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  1. Don't take them, get a new prescription because if you also read Minocycline loses its effect if it passes its exp date.
  2. Ah thanks for the input =), I wonder if you got it at that age because they thought it was related to your hormones though?? I read that this has two functions, disturbing the production of bacterial proteins and regulating hormonal problems. Hopefully it wont take that long to start working. My body is weird, if something is going to work it is different over night, but if its not going to work... even if I take something continually for weeks it seems if it doesn't do much to start it wont do
  3. So I was first prescribed Minocycline, it worked great for the first few months. Then it pretty much stopped after 5-6 months so today my Derm has prescribed ORAL Clindamycin. I was excited to learn that I was switching to a new prescription so I googled it, but all I can find is how it is applied topically, and only used orally for other medical reasons. Even on this website its not listed as an oral medication? ? Has anyone had success with the oral clindamycin? Is there any way to take it?
  4. Afff damn it. It was working so good for awhile too. I guess I'll have to see what happens in the next week or so. Acne is so god damn annoying.
  5. Okay so for the longest time I tired and failed with over the counter meds for acne. Nothing helped and only dried my skin out. Now my acne isnt bad, I would see mild to moderate. However for the last 5-6 months I have had almost no acne on my face! I started using lemon juice and it got rid of about half of it, and then I started on minocycline and I was 100% around my face for entire weeks. I would then have the occasional zit but that wasnt too bad because I was 100% all the other time. No
  6. Okay I started using lemons to treat my acne. I used to always get it around the mouth or under the chin. Lately it is completely changing and I am becoming distressed. Since I started using lemons topically and to digest, my acne seems to look better. But now I have few small zits on both sides of my cheeks and I have a blackhead or two and a zit on my nose. I don't know what is happening! I don't get any white heads when using lemons but it looks like non inflamed acne now instead of whit
  7. I decided to try lemon juice, cause in theory it sounds great and BP and SA seem to do crap for me. It has gotton excellent reviews on this website, so I tried it topically and digesting it. Past 3 days I have put it on my face once. My face is slightly cracked, not bad at all, on the bottom left of my mouth where there was a rather consistent amount of acne. It is also peeling somewhat. But this is okay because the lemon has actually worked in stopping whiteheads (I think). I don't know wha
  8. Well thats where its a little different for me. I don't look bad in almost all lightning anymore, including sunlight. I actually think I am looking better since Ive been using these bp wipes, even though the acne amount is still there, I think it got rid of some of the redness or something, or I am fearing I am just losing my mind on whats good and bad anymore. All I know is I look in most mirrors and although I still have mild to mod acne around my mouth, I think I still look good. But that c
  9. Hmmm. Okay. Well my skin now started to get really dry, so I just haulted thigns until tommorow when it wont hurt it again. What should I use for acne around the mouth, with mainly pustules or whiteheads? 2.5% sa scrub or 2.5% BP wipes? And someone earlier told me using the two together wouldn't be bad... oh well. I think its kind of funny, before I knew anything about acne I used to try to wash with hand soap two or more times a day, and it was so powerful sometimes my skin was 100% clear,
  10. I didnt think it was good =(. 2.5% sa wash in the morning after shower, then apply 2.5% bp. At night, was face with just water, reapply 2.5% sa and 2.5% BP. Repeat Daily. Please help =(
  11. Lol, thats what I am talking about though. You seem clear in one mirror, then... sigh.
  12. I can see how, people are also saying that acne around the mouth can be caused by drool. Even around the cheeks it is plausible because if you drool on the pillow and your face gets on it it can happen that way rather than just running down your mouth.
  13. My face is starting to show signs its going to turn red and irritated. Its slightly burning, especially when BP or SA are applied, and its starting to tighten. Would it be okay if I just put something called "Dry Skin Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion" says "With Vitamans A & E Heals Dry Skin" and go without BP or SA for a day without ruining my regimine? I think I might just was my face two or so times instead. Opinions?
  14. No I get that, especially in the psychological sense where one won't really perceive the acne or associate it with you as much as others. But I still am confused as to which light or which mirror is who I am. If its the camera I will just die.
  15. You didn't encourage it, thats just a personal thing I've found out about my skin, I just thought I'd randomly throw that in there =P.