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  1. I did the entire face, I just posted pictures of the worst scarring, which was on my cheeks (esp. the right side). They were with a light foundation, taken when I got off work. I'll post a bare skin, too.
  2. So, here are some pictures from today. It has been about 9 weeks since the treatment. Before: before1205_1_.bmp After: Improvement: About 40%. Was it worth it? Yes! Was it everything I'd hoped for? No. But, out of everything I've tried (Fraxel, microderm., photofacial, ect..), it is the only treatment that has given me any decent results. I will probably do another in a few months since it will be discounted considerably. Many shallow scars are gone, my deeper cheek scars are less
  3. Everything looks the same as yesterday, so I'll come back and post some pics in three or four weeks.
  4. 12-16-08 Day 5 It is hard to tell if the scars have improved yet.
  5. 12-15-08 Day 4 (Not itchy anymore, skin is rolling off in balls when I rinse in the shower)
  6. Dudley, good luck. I hope you do post pics later. 12-14-08 Day 3 (So itchy today)
  7. I'm sorry you feel this way Emhfali. However, I do have moderate scarring on my cheeks and temples. And, I'm here to show the actual results, rather than the questionably perfect pictures that the doctors provide.
  8. Ah ok, sorry about the mix-up. I did not have six repairs, definitely just the restores. Yes, I am slathering on aquaphor a couple times a day. So, how did you like the results of your first repair?
  9. I did six fraxel repairs, and I was never this swollen. My face was usually back to normal within two days of a repair. Also, there was never any bleeding. I truly believe this has effected my dermis, whereas the fraxel only effected my epidermis.
  10. I'm actually still very swollen, especially in my cheeks and my eye area (which I cut off for some anonymity) I also have been icing a lot. The treatment was done at the highest levels that were available.
  11. I did the Total FX on Thursday 12-11-08. It was $2250. The doc did active fx all over first, then he put the numbing cream on, and this helped it to penetrate deeper to prepare for the deep fx. After letting me numb for an hour, he did the deep fx on the areas with substantial scarring. (Anywhere you see blood in the pic is where he did the deep) After the deep fx, more numbing cream was applied, and then he did another full-face pass with the active fx. The treatment was intense, but tolerable
  12. Here are a couple before pictures; all of my worst scars are on my cheeks, but there are also many red marks all over, too.
  13. nate: My scars are mostly rolling, I think.. Has anything helped yours?? myskin: What type of peel worked for you?