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  1. i have nearly the same issue. I'm a week or two into my fourth month, and I'm still breaking out horribly. it's bullshit if you ask me. I don't really watch my diet and drink caffiene every day, is that a main contributing factor to accutane not working?
  2. Ah, so even if I buff myself with the jojoba oil, I will still be dry because I use the on-the-spot stuff? Phooey I really need to buy the stuff from him lol
  3. I just added a comment to your post about the Olay lotion, but I'll mention it here too: your problem is exfoliation and the horrible Neutrogena BP - get Dan's gel based BP ASAP!

    1. So I tried the store bought version of Dan's regimen, and so far it's been working pretty good.. I just have one problem. The Olay Complete - Sensitive Skin lotion, the moisturizer, is bothering me. Whenever I put it on, my skin still is really dry, or seems that way, even with Jojoba oil. When I touch my face, a bunch of flakes of dead skin will show up and stay there. Also if I rub even the slightest bit, the lotion will rub off of my face and be very competent in sticking to my face loo
    2. Great! As I stated, I already bought the recommended store items he listed, and if I see this starting to work, I will buy the products from him instead of going to the stores. Thanks for the info
    3. Can anyone enlighten me on this topic please?
    4. Well, first off, seeing as this is my first post.. Hi! To the point, I just went out to the store and bought a Basis Sensitive Skin Bar, a tube of Neutrogena On-the-Spot, and a bottle of Olay Complete, Sensitive Skin. I just got off of ProActive because that junk is really expensive and hasn't worked at all for me, so my mom doesn't trust this stuff, seeing as she ordered ProActive online, and thinks this is just another scam. My question is, if I use the stuff that he listed as store brand