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  1. I used Differin for about a month and gave up, the breakout's were terrible and impossible to get rid of. I had no trouble with dryness while using it, and I was only using a bp wash before applying it. For fear of some sort of interaction between the bp and Differin I never put both on at the same time. I was wondering if it would be alright to use the bp wash, spot-treat any active spots with rubbing alcohol, and then apply Differin? Any advice would be great.
  2. I do, it works alright. I was basically clear and then yesterday I went at one that couldn't be popped but looked like it could. I think the quicker you get around to popping it the quicker your skin can get to healing.
  3. Just as a good measure I try my best to avoid products with parabens and oils. Also I heard sometimes Kaolin can clog some peoples pores.
  4. DUMB. correction--- What Glass Danse said. Also sometimes people cut back on calories a whole lot to help regulate blood sugar?
  5. Like a hole that is totally empty? Or could it possibly have any black in it?
  6. I don't see any Atheists prosecuting or even questioning anyone's religious beliefs. You are making up generalizations about Atheists (which is about as vague as making a statement about every Christian). Ironically in this thread the only people who're making fun of religions are other religious people. You sound really funny when you say an Atheist can't explain their beliefs. I'm assuming you mean Atheists can't answer religious questions? Well gee whiz I wonder why? Don't make statements
  7. Now Necro, I'm a de facto atheist. I have come to the conclusion for various reasons that God no longer exists, and, as probable as his existence, may never have existed. I respect your beliefs, but you can't simply disprove scientific facts by stating that everything that exists was created as outlined in biblical texts. Maybe God put all these fossilized algae findings to tempt us to go to to dark side and test our faith, yeah? You can't ignore facts, but that has nothing to do with your fa
  8. Um my little post script there btw Man made god, not the other way around.
  9. Everything I am about to write is theoretical: About 4.5 billion years ago the Earth was in a molten liquid state, comets asteroids and everything that could have fallen from space did and deposited water molecules, of which were instantly vaporized. These asteroids,etc. began to cool down this molten liquid until crust began to form. Until magma was formed into crust it spent most of its spare time expelling gasses, which created the atmosphere that we now live in, minus the oxygen. blah blah
  10. i put an "other" category for the etc... lol oh yeah atheism is owning the poll right now And necro, who gives a shit? You should. Without a belief in the Lord, you surely will not make it to heaven and prosper in the kingdom of God. If they say God only helps those that help themselves, many here aren't helping themselves by not believing in the almighty creator and savior of the universe God. Believe in God and all you wildest dreams will come true. :genius: Thank you for s