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  1. Revlon's "Pink in the Afternoon" is one of my favorites. It's a fun cool-toned retro pink. My husband likes the way it looks on me. You can find swatches on MakeupAlley.
  2. I'm a fan of Everyday Minerals. I've tried a few of their foundations and concealers, and they've never broken me out. They're a very acne-friendly brand. To even out skin tone in large areas (like on your cheeks or forehead) you'll want to use a big fluffy brush to blend. Swirl the powder in the lid and then blend onto your skin in circular buffing motions. To conceal on smaller areas, you'll want a smaller concealing brush to tap on the discolorations. YouTube has TONS of videos on applying
  3. I like Mario Badescu Special Healing powder for neutralizing redness. It's a sulfur-based formula with a yellow-ish tint. Everyday Minerals also carries a green-tint concealer that's good for hiding redness as well. Both brands are acne-friendly. But for covering darker scars/spots, you might want a heavy-duty cream concealer to spot-cover with (one that is non-comedogenic of course). And no, I don't think there's anything wrong with guys wanting to conceal blemishes with makeup.
  4. The title of this thread pretty much sums up my life during middle school and high school! Every time I had pimples on my face, I felt like the whole world was staring at me. When I would go into the bathroom, sometimes I'd even leave the light off so that I wouldn't have to see my reflection... I thought I would never get my skin under control, but since high school, my complexion has gotten SO MUCH BETTER. Sometimes it feels like an endless search, but don't give up hope!! It was frustrat
  5. I think a lot of the time, guys (especially guys we're intimate with, like boyfriends or husbands) say things like that because they just don't know what else to say. If he's still going to drop insensitive comments like that, then I'd turn to someone else for support -- maybe a sibling or a close friend? Hope he continues to support you!
  6. Anywhere in the middle of my face... like between my eyes, or right in the center of my nose... Ugh!!
  7. I've been on both Taz and Retin A, and I agree, Differin is a lot gentler. I've been on Differin for a few months now, and I don't experience as much peeling/dryness as I did with Taz and Retin A.
  8. YES. MISSING OUT ON LIFE. That was just the worst feeling for me too. I thought my acne held me back from many social situations.
  9. I hate the way acne has affected my personality. I'm usually not very confident. Not to sound vain, but I'm always self-conscious about how I look. When my acne was at it's worst, it was hard to focus on conversations I was having with people because I'd be so worried about whether or not they noticed all of my blemishes... Acne made it hard to "live in the moment."
  10. I used to pick/squeeze my skin A LOT. I still do, sometimes, but not as much as I did during high school or middle school. My mentality was basically that if I could successfully squeeze a pimple, then the bump would be flattened, and it would be easier to hide with makeup. But in reality... it's easier to hide a zit than it is to hide a bleeding wound! So now, when I feel like picking at a pimple, I have to stop as remind myself that picking it is going to make the pimple look 10x worse, a
  11. It was... okay. For how expensive it was, I was expecting something a little bit better, but in my experience, it works just as well as the stuff I can get at Walmart or CVS.
  12. AHA is a chemical exfoliant, so I wouldn't put them on scabbed skin, as it might force the scab to shed faster, not allowing the skin to heal completely underneath.
  13. I have oily/combo skin and I've used undiluted witch hazel as a toner for a couple of years now (Dickinson's is my go-to brand). Although, I use it less frequently during the winter time, as it can be a little bit drying in the colder months. As an oily acne-prone person, I'm really cautious about using oils on my face. If you've never used jojoba oil before, I think I'd recommend doing a "patch test" for a couple of days on a small area on your face, just to make sure it won't break you out.
  14. A BHA might help break down the debris in the clog, making them easier to remove/cleanse away. BHA's take a little bit of time to work though.
  15. Starbucks napkins. No joke.