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    sports, dancing, reading, stayin healthy including my face (which is y it irks me that NOTHING works!!)
  1. Just dropping by to say Happy B-Day!!!

    1. i've heard VERY good reviews on that product! i juz read about it today in this instyle book i got thats from 4 years ago and i have been searching the internet for hours tryin 2 c if it could be ordered from germany, did u find anything? but anyway i think u should go 4 it cuz i think it works and that they discontinued it cuz theyre juz weird... and mean! *pout* lol! k well i hope u find somethn that works for u! byas
    2. yeah! thx for the comment its not as bad as it looks in those pics im clearing up but I just got a bunch of those damn red marks, good thing they heal fast for me.

      good luck to you too! =]

      1. thanks 4 the info im thinkin bout goin 2 a dermatologist cuz there r sooo many options as far as "acne cures" go, so ima get some pro help!

        1. Thanks for adding me as a friend and for the nice comment! See ya later :D.

          1. the benzaclin i got because i have insurance [live in canada], you can get it in the states and the uk im just not sure how much it is, also im pretty sure it has to be prescribed to you. You should go to the pharmacist and ask. You may be able to buy it without insurance but the 50mg jar will last for about 3 months.

            1. Hiya, thanks for the PM and welcome to the org. There is alot more info about what you asked me at my blog...so feel free to check it out... good luck :)

              1. hey im invading this convo haha! like u, i have been watchin youtube vids bout makeup a lot and i hav never used makeup in my life (save from halloween lol) so im totally clueless!! hows everyday whatever thing workn 4 u? and hav u tried bare minerals? and if u go on youtube agen (which im guessin u will! haha) check out kitcat627's vids shes awesome!!
              2. hey ur funny ima add u!! nice 2 find someone positive 4 a change... :)

                1. hiya!! thanks 4 the comment and btw im a girl! hahaha its ok that was funny as shit

                  1. wow i hope you clear up!! i have no clue when it comes 2 what works but juz lettin ya kno ur not alone! :)

                    1. hey thanks! do u happen 2 remember how much that denzaclin stuff costs?