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  1. Yeah I was wondering, if I have a few small light pit scars, will they go away with time? I mean they're not that deep so it basically looks more like a rough dry texture...
  2. does applying a moisturizer cause your skin to to produce oil?
  3. teplo i would highly recommend you use a BP Bar lyk Panoxyl 5% or 10% for your back neck and chest... it works wonders!!! now for your face it may be a bit to harsh...
  4. yeah that is redicule if you want to put chlorox in your bathtub be prepared to be sick for a long tym!!!
  5. oh and panoxyl comes from the same company as Brevoxyl! Stiefel Laboratories
  6. PanOxyl is extremely effective also!! It's a 10% BP Bar that clears up bacne 100% well atleast it did for me... It is also extremely effective on your face.... lets just say that to everything theres a down side and this product leaves ur face extremely dry! But w/e beauty is pain!!! :twisted:
  7. The Ocean is a thousand times better though!!! WOOOO South Beach baby!
  8. did you take the low dose?? cuz thats what im being prescribed... its basically the pill cut into quarters and i take one 1/4 in the mourning and the other 1/4 at night! My derm says that theres been a lot of research behind this and that it is just as effective!
  9. what is the cost of the Panoxyl Bar because my Derm provided me with a small sample lol! Thanx alot!
  10. after how long did you start seeing results?
  11. How do you people feel about this oral antibiotic!