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  1. Hey there. I'm a 19 year old male, from Denmark, so sorry if my english is a little bad So, I've were on accutane 40mg a day, last year, from october to january (Yea, only 100 days exact), stayed almost clear for 6 months, but over the last month or 2, my acne has been progressively worse, and on monday im going to my doctor, to get another round. This time, a lower dose (im thinking 20mg a day). I responded very well to accutane first time. was clear after some weeks, never got a IB (only go
  2. Wow, thanks a lot for that answer, really put some things into perspective. I really can't tell if it is the diet or not. Because, a month ago i changed my diet and skin care routine, went from using some dermalogica cream and cleanser, to going only jojoba oil, Finacea and sometimes some BHA 2% from paula's choice, cleaning my face with a sugar thing i got from a semi-famous derm. in Denmark, only natural product.. I think i will start not caring about diet that much, just too see. But i
  3. Thanks for the replies. Sorry to hear that neverforget. In my opinion, i cant, or wont, let my skin control my social life, so if i dont break out that much i guess I'm very lucky. And yea Phresh, i think i drink pretty "healthy" (i know it sounds stupid). I only drink clear 40% vodka, with 100% pure orange juice. And then i drink a lot of water too, this has helped me a lot, instead of drinking beer/cider/vodka with cola and stuff, before i could easy drink a 1.5L cola while drinking vodka.. t
  4. Hello. So first a little behind story.. I always had moderate acne, went on accutane and is now nearly clear (except for a few zits a month).. I was started getting some small acne and stuff a month ago, and got Finacea, and i made a big diet change.. But i have problems keeping my diet in the weekends, because i go out and enjoy my life there.. So basically since friday i have been eating this; 2x McDonalds 1x Nachos 1x Durum kebab Getting drunk twice Some candy.. while this should be bad
  5. Yea everyone is different, so it's really hard to tell you, how your daughter will react. When i was on accutane, i started getting dry lips and skin after 2-3 days.. After 2-3 weeks all my blackheads starting poping out (looked gross, but was only for a week, and then you are blackhead free).. I never really got a IB, i got some big zits, but nothing i couldnt live with the few days. Only advice i can give is not to pop em, really, she will regret that, have to stick it out. I would start a
  6. Hey, just got this from my doctor, after getting some mild acne, after accutane.. Atm i also use Paula's Choice BHA 2% lotion... Can i apply Finacea after i used BHA on my face?? Or wouldn't the finacea work then? Need some help please
  7. Hey tblaze04. I think a lot of people on this forum can relate to feeling depressed about our skin. I personally had a lot of depressions, before going on accutane, but when i took accutane, and my skin was clearing really well up, after a month, my mood became really good. I had faith in better times, so i wasnt depressed while being on it.. I never think ant-depressants is a good idea, and not at all while being on accutane. We cant eat pills for everything, and mess with our brain. Go to t
  8. Hello I recently been on accutane (2 month post), and it cleared up my skin really well. Now I'm getting a pimple now and then, nothing serious. But i never really taken care of my skin that well, and i think i should start that now, to prevent a futher bad breakout. So i read here, about Paula's Choice BHA 2%, and it looks very good, but i dont really get how i use it? So I have a few questions. Should i buy the Liquid or Gel? Do i use it like a Moisturizer? You know, i dont wash it off m
  9. Hello. I have soon been on accutane (or isoterin in my Country) for 100 days, and after that my doctor wants me to stop. I weight 65kg, and have been on 40mg a day, the whole period. My skin have cleared up, a lot, and i completely free (though i get like one big, every 1-2 week).. When i started i didnt have that much acne, enough to bother me, and i tried everything else, but nothing worked, so he put me on accutane. I took bloodtestes, and everything was fine, only side effects is dry l