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  1. Hi there, I've frequented these boards a lot over the past few years and have slowly (I'm 37 now) found a cure that works for me. My acne is definitely related to hormones and food, so I'll post what works in case this can help others: 1) I followed the low-glycemic diet that many people have been talking about. I didn't get rid of grains all together, but ate in moderation whole, unprocessed rice and quinoa (no breads, pasta, anything processed, potatoes, or gluten). I eat no refined sugar an
  2. My acne cleared up completely with my first pregnancy and then came back after about one year of nursing. With my second, there was no difference--acne as usual. And I had two girls! As an aside, the BCP did work for me before my pregnancies.
  3. Hi there, (This will be long) I've frequented these boards over the past few years and just wanted to finally sit down and share what works for me. Apologies in advance that I may not get back frequently to respond to any questions or comments--I'm the mom of two young ones and they keep me busy. Anyway, my story in brief: I'm 35 and have fought acne since I was about 18. I tried everything and finally went on BCPs when I was 28. Ta da. Acne cured. However, reaching the age (30) where I wanted